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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC70931990Design and Construction of a General Purpose Oceanographic Platform for Long-Term Experiments and Real-Time Communications between Seabed and LaboratoryMURRAY Charles nicholas; WEYDERT Marco
JRC76661990Internalizing Environmental Costs. A Survey of Progress in Estimating the External Environmental Costs of Electricity Production and a Review of Market-Based Policies to Incorporate themHELCKE George; ETO Joseph h.
JRC73211990La Gestione di una Sala Operativa di Protezione Civile con Tecnologie Informatiche AvanzatePARUCCINI Massimo; VULPIANI Massimo
JRC63701990A Detailed Comparison of Energy Audits Carried out by Four Separate Companies on the Same Set of BuildingsPECKHAM Robert; CONTI Flavio; HELCKE George; DANIOTTI Bruno
JRC74291990Quality Control Provisions Applied in the Preparation and Characterization of Pu Bearing PERLA StandardsGUZZI Giampaolo; MOUSTY Francis; GUARDINI Sergio; KUHN E.; BAUMANN S.; DE REGGE P.
JRC71191990Venting of Vessels Containing Reacting Fluids. A Parametric Study with SAFIRE and DEERSBELL Keith; SKOULOUDIS Andreas nikolaos; KOTTOWSKI Heinz martin
JRC74241990A Snapshot Survey on the Po RiverFACCHETTI Sergio; PREMAZZI Guido; FREUDENTHAL J.
JRC70381990Biodegradabilita' dell'NTA in Ecosistemi Acquatici a Diverso Grado di TrofiaMARENGO Giuseppe; MOGGIAN BARBAN E.
JRC65181990Markov Approximation to Fatigue Crack Size DistributionLUCIA Alfredo; SOLOMOS George
JRC74711990La Comunita' Algale del Lago di Varese. Parte IPREMAZZI Guido; BINDA Sergio; PASINETTI Eleonora