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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC765292012Monitoring Water And Carbon Fluxes At Fine Spatial Scales Using HyspIRI-like MeasurementsHOUBORG RASMUS; ANDERSON Martha C; GAO Feng; SCHULL Mitchell; CAMMALLERI Carmelo
JRC943452015On the value of combining different modelled soil moisture products for European drought monitoringCAMMALLERI CARMELO; MICALE Fabio; VOGT Juergen
JRC956702015On the use of modelled soil moisture for drought assessment over EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; MICALE Fabio; VOGT Juergen
JRC979762015On The Role of Land Surface Temperature as Proxy of Soil Moisture Status for Drought Monitoring in EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; VOGT Juergen
JRC964392016A novel soil moisture-based drought severity index (DSI) combining water deficit magnitude and frequencyCAMMALLERI CARMELO; MICALE Fabio; VOGT Juergen
JRC912712014Combining land surface models and remote sensing data to estimate evapotranspiration for drought monitoring in EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; SEPULCRE CANTO' GUADALUPE; VOGT Juergen
JRC1013652016Analysing the fAPAR Dynamic Over Europe Using MODIS DataCAMMALLERI CARMELO; MICALE Fabio; VOGT Juergen
JRC979732016Recent temporal trend in modelled soil water deficit over Europe driven by meteorological observationsCAMMALLERI CARMELO; MICALE Fabio; VOGT Juergen
JRC979742017Development of an operational low-flow index for hydrological drought monitoring over EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; VOGT Juergen; SALAMON Peter