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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC992322017Case Study Application I: RAPID-NGIRGIN SERKAN; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC1026272017Reducing Natech Risk: Organizational MeasuresKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC1010352017Natech Risk and its AssessmentKRAUSMANN Elisabeth
JRC1016652017Recommendations and outlookKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC982582017IntroductionKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC1009702017Improvement of accuracy of multi-scale models of Li-ion batteries by applying operator splitting techniquesFARKAS LASZLO; FARAGÓ I.; KRISTON AKOS; PFRANG Andreas
JRC1020682017The role of life cycle assessment in supporting sustainable agri-food systems: a review of the challengesNOTARNICOLA Bruno; SALA SERENELLA; ANTON Assumpcio; MCLAREN Sarah J.; SAOUTER ERWAN; SONESSON Ulf
JRC971832017Governing Smart SpecialisationKYRIAKOU Dimitrios; PALAZUELOS MARTINEZ Manuel; PERIANEZ FORTE INMACULADA; RAINOLDI Alessandro
JRC989832017Modelling of food loss within life cycle assessment: From current practice towards a systematisationCORRADO Sara; ARDENTE FULVIO; SALA SERENELLA; SAOUTER ERWAN
JRC1032852017Pseudodynamic Testing of a Precast Structure with Different Configurations of Cladding PanelsLAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO; NEGRO Paolo