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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1080892018Systematic effects on cross section data derived from reaction rates in reactor spectra and a re-analysis of 241Am reactor activation measurementsZEROVNIK GASPER; SCHILLEBEECKX PETER; BECKER BJÖRN; FIORITO LUCA; HARADA HIDEO; KOPECKY STEFAN; RADULOVIC V; SANO T.
JRC1052782018Enhanced automatic detection of human settlements using Sentinel-1 interferometric coherenceCORBAN CHRISTINA; LEMOINE GUIDO; PESARESI MARTINO; KEMPER THOMAS; SABO FILIP; FERRI STEFANO; SYRRIS VASILEIOS
JRC1064902018A new method for the characterization of temperature dependent thermo-physical propertiesPAVLOV TSVETOSLAV RUMENOV; STAICU DRAGOS; VLAHOVIC LUKA; KONINGS RUDY; VAN UFFELEN PAUL; WENMAN MARK
JRC1016792018Overcoming the barriers for biodiesel use in Spain: An analysis of the role of convenience and priceGRACIA AZUCENA; BARREIRO HURLE JESUS; PEREZ Y PEREZ LUIS
JRC1077122018Why do farmers abandon jatropha cultivation? The case of Chiapas, MexicoSOTO EMBODAS IRIA; ELLISON CAROL; KENIS MARC; DIAZ BRENDA; MUYS BART; MATHIJS ERIK
JRC1051242018Photovoltaics and wind status in the European Union after the Paris AgreementLACAL ARANTEGUI ROBERTO; JAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF
JRC1087742018Global drivers of change in GHG emissions from a consumption perspective. Carbon footprint accounting in a post-Paris worldLINDNER SOEREN; RUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; WOOD RICHARD
JRC1068392018A step towards a holistic assessment of soil degradation in Europe: coupling on-site erosion with sediment transfer and carbon fluxesBORRELLI PASQUALE; VAN OOST K.; MEUSBURGER KATRIN; ALEWELL CHRISTINE; LUGATO EMANUELE; PANAGOS PANAGIOTIS
JRC1076072018Resilient futures of a small island: a participatory approach in Tenerife (Canary Islands) to address climate changeHERNANDEZ GONZALEZ YERAY; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA; MARINHO FERREIRA BARBOSA PAULO
JRC1065012018Impact of cold temperature on Euro 6 passenger car emissionsSUAREZ BERTOA RICARDO; ASTORGA-LLORENS MARIA