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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1013322017Fuel cell based Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for off-grid telecom stations: Data analysis from on field demonstration testsCORDINER STEFANO; MULONE VINCENZO; GIORDANI ANDREA; SAVINO MARIO; TOMARCHIO GIANCARLO; MALKOW THOMAS; TSOTRIDIS GEORGIOS; PILENGA ALBERTO; KARLSEN M L; JENSEN J
JRC1004832017Achieving Maximum Sustainable Yield in mixed fisheries. A management approach for the North Sea demersal fisheriesULRICH CLARA; VERMARD YOUEN; DOLDER PAUL; BRUNEL THOMAS; JARDIM ERNESTO; HOLMES STEVEN; KEMPF A.; MORTENSEN LARS; POOS JAN JAAP; RINDORF ANNA
JRC1009262017Regional hydromorphological characterization with continuous and automated remote sensing analysis based on VHR imagery and low-resolution LiDAR dataDEMARCHI LUCA; BIZZI SIMONE; PIÉGAY HERVÉ
JRC977142017Production costs of the chemical industry in the EU and other countries: Ammonia, methanol and light olefinsBOULAMANTI AIKATERINI; MOYA RIVERA JOSE ANTONIO
JRC1022322017Nano-mechanical in-process monitoring of antimicrobial poration in model phospholipid bilayersVALSESIA ANDREA; IAVICOLI PATRIZIA; LEWIS HELEN; DESMET CLOE; MĖHN DÓRA; CALZOLAI LUIGI; COLPO PASCAL; ROSSI FRANCOIS; RYADNOV MAXIM
JRC928342017Evaluation of EDXRF results from PM10 using standardless analysis and external calibrationYATKIN SINAN; GERBOLES MICHEL
JRC1015892017An analysis of the privacy threat in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks due to Radio Frequency fingerprintingBALDINI Gianmarco; GIULIANI RAIMONDO; CANO PONS EDUARDO
JRC1056262017RIS3 Implementation in Lagging Regions: Lessons from Eastern Macedonia and ThraceBODEN JOHN MARK
JRC1067222017Robust Signal Processing for GNSSBORIO DANIELE
JRC1057502017The relevance of the school socioeconomic composition and school proportion of repeaters on grade repetition in Brazil: A multilevel logistic model of PISA 2012FERRAO MARIA EUGENIA; DINIS MOTA DA COSTA PATRICIA; ABUD SEABRA MATOS DANIEL