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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC75341990The Analysis of the Functional Role of Man and Machine in the Control of a Notional Auxiliary Feedwater SystemDECORTIS Francoise; CODAZZI Alberto
JRC71041990Mapping and Monitoring of Woodlands and Scrub Vegetation in Qingua-Dalen, South GreenlandFOLVING Sten; FEILBERG Jon
JRC69381990Suivi par Teledetection des Changements d'Etat de Surface sur les Bassins Versants du Haut-Senegal, de la Gambie et du Rio corubal 9Novembre 87 - Decembre 88)GREGOIRE Jean-marie; FERRARI Giovanni
JRC73931990Computer Modelling of Collection Efficiency of Laser Excited Fluorescence from a Graphite FurnaceSMITH B.w.; FARNSWORTH P.b.
JRC65621990Comparing Monoterpene Volatilisation and Leaf-Oil Composition of ConifersKOTZIAS Dimitrios; SCHINDLER Thomas
JRC73471990Convegno su Edilizia Bioclimatica CCR Ispra, Varese, Italia - 27 Aprile 1990COLOMBO Roberto; CARRU' A.
JRC7143199031. Annuario Meteorologico 1989 di IspraBOLLINI Giovanni; GANDINO Claudio; MARANZANA Edvige
JRC72961990Tritium Research and Technology Facilities at the JRC-IspraREITER Friedrich; TOMINETTI Stefano; VASSALLO Gary; DWORSCHAK Heinz; MANNONE Francesco; PIERINI Giancarlo; SPELTA Bruno; GRASSI Giuseppe; VIOLA Antonio; SIMONETTA Aldo
JRC65841990Melting and Conduction during Short Electron Beam PulsesSCHILLER Peter; BROSSA Francesco; RIGON Giordano
JRC71061990Defect Concentration Profiles Near the Surface in Nickel Irradiated with 2 MeV ElectronsSCHUELE Wolfgang