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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC84031991Le Programme Europeen d'Harmonisation sur la Revision de Methode de Reference pour la Mesure des Poussieres, la Conceptions des Reseaux de Surveillance, et OrientationsSANDRONI Santino; PAYRISSAT Maurice
JRC80391991Structural Assessment of the NET/ITER First Wall and Component TestingMATERA Roberto; VIEIDER G.; JAKEMAN R.r.
JRC84901991La Surveillance du Dioxyde d'Azote a Madrid au Moyen d'Echantillonneurs Passifs. Evaluation Critique de la Conception du ReseauPAYRISSAT Maurice
JRC79101991Proposta di Interventi finalizzati al Controllo dei Prodotti ed alla Tutela della Salute dei ConsumatoriSERRINI Giorgio; MARENGO Giuseppe; D'ANTONIO S.; PASTONI F.; BIGNAMI M.e.; BORGHI R.
JRC85991991Measurement of Yellow Substance Absorption and Evaluation of its Influence on the Remote Sensing of Water Quality in the Gulf of Naples. A Case StudyTASSAN Stelvio; FERRARI Giovanni
JRC85771991Compressible Gas-Liquid Flow through Pipeline RestrictionsMORRIS Stanley david
JRC80401991Preliminary Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Effects of Plasma Disruptions on the Thermal Fatigue Lifetime of the ITER/NET First WallMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario
JRC80781991Development of a Kinetic Model, Including Rate Constant Estimations, on Iodine and Caesium Behaviour in the Primary Circuit of LWRs under Accident ConditionsBURON J.m.; FERNANDEZ S.; ALONSO-SANTOS A.
JRC78191991Absolute Infrared Intensities in the Fundamentals v2 and v5 of 12CH3 35ClRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; TARRAGO G.
JRC77721991Three-Dimensional Thermomechanical Analysis on a Stainless Steel/Copper Divertor Plate for NETRENDA Vito; PAPA Loris