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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC178351999International Standard problem No. 40: Aerosol Deposition and Resuspension. Final Report, February 1999DE LOS REYES Alfredo; AREIA CAPITAO Joaquim
JRC82311990Concerted Action "Indoor Air Quality & its Impact on Man". Project Inventory (2nd Updated Edition)KNOEPPEL Helmut
JRC72501990Modelling of Complex Decision Processes by Petri Nets. The Case of Siting Nuclear Power PlantsVOLTA Giuseppe; PARUCCINI Massimo; FASSONE L.
JRC112711995Normative Issues in Thermal Fatigue Design of Nuclear ComponentsMEROLA Mario
JRC130911996Modelling of Boron Species in the Integral Tests Falcon 17 and ISP-34LAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC85571992Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of New Low-Activation Cr-Mn Austenitic SteelsPIATTI Giovanni
JRC152651998Viscosity, Fission Time Scale and Deformation of 156Dy.PLOMPEN Arjan; VAN'T HOF G.; BACELAR J.c.s.; DIOSZEGI I.; KUGLER A.
JRC187301999Influence of Pile-Up Rejection on Nuclear Counting, Viewed from the Time-Domain Perspective.POMME Stefan; DENECKE Bruno willi heinrich; ALZETTA J.p.
JRC126661996Performance Optimization ko-NAAPOMME Stefan; HARDEMAN Frank; ETXEBARRIA Nestor; ROBOUCH Piotr
JRC126291996Release of Anthropogenic Xenon to the Atmosphere. A Large Scale Isotope Dilution.AREGBE Yetunde; MAYER Klaus; VALKIERS Staf; DE BIEVRE P.
JRC169671998Fission Mode Calculation for 239U; a Revision of the Multi-Modal Random Neck-Rupture Model.OBERSTEDT Stephan; HAMBSCH F.-j.; DEMATTE Luca
JRC156571997Parametric X-Rays and Diffraction of Transition Radiation in Mosaic Crystals.ARTRU Xavier; RULLHUSEN Peter
JRC150641998Analysis of a-BxCy:Hz Coatings with IBA Techniques.GIORGINIS Georgios; PERSSON Leif; HULT Mikael; CRAMETZ Albert; GARCIA Fernandez victor manuel; LUGSCHEIDER E.; SIRY C.w.
JRC126531997The Davies-Gray Titration for the Assay of Uranium in Nuclear Materials. A Performance Study.BICKEL Michael
JRC114491997Spectra of Fission Neutrons and Nuclear Level Density of Nuclear Levels: Testing a Generalized Superfluid Model.SVIRIN M.i.; SMIRENKIN G.n.
JRC185231999Proceedings of the 21st Symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Material Management (ESARDA), 4-6 May 1999, Sevilla (E).FOGGI Carlo; PETRAGLIA E.
JRC185111999Radiation Enhanced Self-Diffusion in Nickel Single Crystals.ADLER B.; SCHOLZ Reinhard
JRC178961999Intrinsic Hydrogen Transport Constants in the CFC Matrix and Fibres Derived from Isovolumetric Desorption Experiments.SEDANO L.a.; PERUJO Adolfo; WU CHUNG H.
JRC79201991Design Problems of the NET/ITER Experimental Reactor First WallMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario
JRC122011996Recycling and Clearance of Fusion Activated Waste.ROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC68341991Design Optimization Study of an Innovative Concept of Divertor Plate Based on Fibre Composite TechnologyMATERA Roberto; JANSSENS Willem; DE MEESTER P.
JRC94011993The Formation of Tritium Permeation Barriers by CVDREITER Friedrich
JRC120921995Ultrahigh Vacuum Chamber Installed at IRMM for Studies of Hydrogen by Nuclear Reaction: Measurement of the Doppler Broadening for H on Si(111) SurfacesGIORGINIS Georgios; CRAMETZ Albert; CONTI Maurice; HULT Mikael; COUREL Pascal; MATHOT Serge
JRC186041999Accuracy and Precision of Loss-Free Counting in gamma-Ray Spectrometry.POMME Stefan; ALZETTA J.p.; UYTTENHOVE J.; DENECKE Bruno willi heinrich; ARANA Gorka; ROBOUCH Piotr
JRC141031996High Efficiency Reduction/Distillation of Yb and Sm OxidesCLIFFORD Seamus; INGELBRECHT Christopher douglas; POMEROY Michael