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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC956492015Development and validation of analytical methods for the analysis of 3-MCPD (both in free and ester form) and glycidyl esters in various food matrices and performance of an ad-hoc survey on specific food groups in support to a scientific opinion on comprehensive risk assessment on the presence of 3-MCPD and glycidyl esters in foodWENZL Thomas; SAMARAS VASILEIOS; GIRI ANUPAM; BUTTINGER Gerhard; KARASEK LUBOMIR; ZELINKOVA ZUZANA
JRC923872015Proficiency test on the determination of pesticide residues in grapes with multi-residue methodsDEHOUCK PIETER; GRIMALT BREA SUSANA; DABRIO RAMOS Marta; CORDEIRO RAPOSO Fernando; FIAMEGKOS IOANNIS; ROBOUCH Piotr; FERNANDEZ-ALBA A.r.; DE LA CALLE GUNTINAS Maria Beatriz
JRC964862015IMEP-40: Determintion of trace elements in seawaterDEHOUCK PIETER; SNELL James; CORDEIRO RAPOSO Fernando; CIZEK-STROH Aneta; DE LA CALLE GUNTINAS Maria Beatriz
JRC957872015CERTIFICATION REPORT The certification of the absorbed energy (low energy) of Charpy V-notch reference test pieces for tests at 20 °C: ERM®-FA013buLINSINGER Thomas; DEAN Alan; ROEBBEN Gert
JRC960822015JRC Guidelines for 1 - Selecting and/or validating analytical methods for cosmetics 2 - Recommending standardization steps of analytical methodsVINCENT Ursula
JRC963722015Comparing different energy partitions at scission used in prompt emission model codes GEF and Point-by-PointTUDORA ANABELLA; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; VISAN I.; GIUBEGA G.
JRC921182015CERTIFICATION REPORT: The certification of trace elements mass fraction in electrolytic copper with added impurities: ERM®-EB075A, B and CBACQUART THOMAS; LINSINGER Thomas
JRC921192015CERTIFICATION REPORT The certification of trace elements mass fraction in electrolytic copper: ERM®-EB074A, B and CBACQUART THOMAS; LINSINGER Thomas
JRC953312015CERTIFICATION REPORT: Preparation and Certification of Large-Sized Dried (LSD) Spike - IRMM-1027qJAKOPIC Rozle; BAUWENS Jeroen; HENNESSY Carmel; KEHOE Frances; JAKOBSSON Ulf; RICHTER Stephan; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC958802015Report on the Method Performance Study of a Method to Determine Phthalates in Wine Determination of Ten Phthalates in Wine by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)WENZL Thomas; KARASEK LUBOMIR; GIRI ANUPAM