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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC986252016Preparation and evaluation of sufficiently homogeneous and stable reference materials for priority hazardous substances in whole waterELORDUI-ZAPATARIETXE DEL AGUILA SAIOA; FETTIG Ina; RICHTER Janine; PHILIPP Rosemarie; VANERMEN Guido; MONTEYNE Els; BOOM Gerard; EMTEBORG HAKAN
JRC1015102016Characterisation of plastic scintillators used as an active background shield for neutron detectionPAEPEN Jan; SCHULTE FABIAN; MASTINU P.; PEDERSEN Bent; SAARE Holger; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter; TKACZYK Alan; VARASANO GIOVANNI
JRC1007102016Local even-odd effect based on the number of configurations of pre-formed and formed fragmentations in a fissioning nucleusTUDORA A.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; GIUBEGA G.
JRC1001942016Radioactivity monitoring in foodstuff and drinking water - An overview of performance of EU laboratories based on interlaboratory comparisonsSOBIECH-MATURA KATARZYNA; MATE BORBALA; ALTZITZOGLOU Timotheos
JRC1002352016Prompt fission gamma-ray spectrum characteristics from 240Pu(SF) and 242Pu(SF)OBERSTEDT Stephan; OBERSTEDT Andreas; GATERA ANGELIQUE; GÖÖK ALF; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; MOENS Andre; SIBBENS Goedele; VANLEEUW DAVID; VIDALI Marzio
JRC963592016An inter-calibration campaign using selected uranium isotopic reference materialsJAKOPIC Rozle; HENNESSY Carmel; KEHOE Frances; JAKOBSSON Ulf; RICHTER Stephan; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC1015072016Certified reference materials for testing of mycotoxinsSTROKA Joerg; LINSINGER Thomas
JRC1015152016Certified reference materials for food microbiologyLINSINGER Thomas
JRC1015172016Are your results reliable? Certified reference materials give you confidence in measurementsLINSINGER Thomas
JRC1015082016Certified reference materials for pure PAHs, PCBs and dioxinsWENZL Thomas; LINSINGER Thomas