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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC945822015A fast-forward look at tertiary education attainment in Europe 2020DRAGOMIRESCU GAINA CATALIN FLORINEL; ELIA LEANDRO; WEBER ANKE
JRC9682620152035: Paths towards a sustainable EU economy - Sustainable transitions and the potential of eco-innovation for jobs and economic development in the EU eco-industries 2035BONTOUX Laurent; BENGTSSON ANDERS DANIEL
JRC952222015‘You wouldn’t have your Granny using them’: Drawing Boundaries between Acceptable and Unacceptable Applications of Civil DronesBOUCHER PHILIP
JRC976012015An update on the forecast of Europe 2020 headline targets on education and trainingVERA TOSCANO MARIA ESPERANZA
JRC931932014Do tertiary dropout students really not succeed in European labour markets?SCHNEPF SYLKE
JRC916582014Which Schools and Pupils Respond to Educational Achievement Surveys? A Focus on the English PISA SampleSCHNEPF SYLKE; DURRANT Gabriele; MICKLEWRIGHT John
JRC976502015Uncovering the impact of intergenerational income mobility on interpersonal trustSHALEVA ANNA
JRC976152015University dropouts and labour market successSCHNEPF SYLKE
JRC968742015Innovation and Employment in Patenting Firms: Empirical Evidence from EuropeVAN ROY VINCENT; VERTESY DANIEL; VIVARELLI Marco
JRC934042015Consumer conditions in the EU: revised framework and empirical investigationVAN ROY VINCENT; ROSSETTI FIAMMETTA; PICULESCU VIOLETA