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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1026322016Analysis of durability, reusability and reparability - Application to washing machines and dishwashersTECCHIO PAOLO; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC1030472016How can the ambitious goals for the EU’s future bioeconomy be supported by sustainable and efficient wood sourcing practices?SIKKEMA RICHARD; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; TORRES DE MATOS CRISTINA; VAN DER VELDE Marijn; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC1040242016Crop-Specific EU Aid and Smallholder Food Security in Sierra LeoneSARAVIA MATUS Silvia; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; MARY Sebastien
JRC1008102016Fishery Production Potential of Large Marine Ecosystems: A Prototype AnalysisFOGARTY Michael J.; ROSENBERG Andrew A.; COOPER Andrew B.; DICKEY-COLLAS M.; FULTON Elizabeth A.; GUTIÉRREZ N. L.; HYDE Kimberly; KLEISNER Kristin; KRISTIANSEN Trond; LONGO C.; MINTE-VERA C.; MINTO C.; MOSQUEIRA SANCHEZ IAGO; OSIO GIACOMO CHATO; OVANDO D.; SELIG E. R.; THORSON James T.; YE Y.
JRC1004502016Combined impacts of natural and human disturbances on rocky shore communitiesMICHELI Fiorenza; HEIMAN Kimberly; KAPPEL Carrie; GOLDMAN MARTONE Rebecca; SETHI Suresh; OSIO GIACOMO CHATO; FRASCHETTI Simonetta; SHELTON Ole; TANNER Jaqui M
JRC1030462016Five years left – how are the EU member states contributing to the 20% target for EU’s renewable energy consumption; the role of woody biomass.PROSKURINA Svetlana; SIKKEMA RICHARD; HEINIMO Jussi; VAKKILAINEN Esa
JRC1029742016The Potential of Sentinel Satellites for Burnt Area Mapping and Monitoring in the Congo Basin ForestsVERHEGGHEN ASTRID; EVA Hugh; CECCHERINI GUIDO; ACHARD Frederic; GOND Valery; GOURLET-FLEURY S.; CERUTTI Paolo
JRC1012622017Food consumption and related water resources in Nordic citiesVANHAM DAVY; GAWLIK Bernd; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
JRC1030182016Regulatory frameworks for seafood authenticity and traceabilityHOFHERR JOHANN; MARTINSOHN Jann; CAWTHORN Donna; NAAUM Amanda; RASCO Barbara
JRC1014852016European Coexistence Bureau (ECoB) - Best Practice Document for coexistence of genetically modified cotton with conventional and organic farmingRIZOV IVELIN ILIEV; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio