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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1012592016Evaluation of the Laboratory Comparison Exercise for NO, NO2, SO2, CO and O3 4th – 9th of October 2015, Langen (D)BARBIERE MAURIZIO; LAGLER Friedrich; BOROWIAK Annette; STUMMER Volker; MUECKE Hans-Guido
JRC969802016Environmental sustainability assessment of bioeconomy value chainsCRISTOBAL GARCIA JORGE; TORRES DE MATOS CRISTINA; AURAMBOUT JEAN PHILIPPE; MANFREDI SIMONE; KAVALOV Boyan
JRC938112015Development and evaluation of a framework for global flood hazard mappingDOTTORI FRANCESCO; SALAMON Peter; BIANCHI ALESSANDRA; ALFIERI LORENZO; HIRPA FEYERA AGA; FEYEN Luc
JRC1009892016Combining Soil Databases for Topsoil Organic Carbon Mapping in EuropeAKSOY ECE; YIGINI YUSUF; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC1014792016Study for a method to assess the ease of disassembly of electrical and electronic equipment. Method development and application to a flat panel display case study.VANEGAS Paul; PEETERS Jef; CATTRYSSE Dirk; DUFLOU Joost; TECCHIO PAOLO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; ARDENTE FULVIO
JRC984542016Spatially downscaling sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence leads to an improved temporal correlation with gross primary productivityDUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; CESCATTI Alessandro
JRC817022013Nanotechnology for More Sustainable Manufacturing: Opportunities and RisksRICKERBY David
JRC1003042016What we breathe impacts our health: improving understanding of the link between air pollution and healthWEST Jason; COHEN Aaron; DENTENER Franciscus; BRUNEKREEF Bert; ZHU Tong; ARMSTRONG Ben; BELL M.l; BRAUER Michael; CARMICHAEL G.r.; COSTA Dan; DOCKERY Douglas; KLEEMAN Michael; KRYZANOWSKI Michal; KUNZLI Nino; LIOUSSE C.; LUNG Candice; MARTIN Randall V.; Poschl U.; POPE C.a.; ROBERTS James; RUSSELL Ted; WIEDINMEYER Christine
JRC1014312016Mapping global patterns of drought risk: an empirical framework based on sub-national estimates of hazard, exposure and vulnerabilitySAIOTE CARRAO HUGO MIGUEL; NAUMANN GUSTAVO; BARBOSA PAULO
JRC1010772016Survey report: data management in Citizen Science projectsSCHADE SVEN; TSINARAKI CHRYSI