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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC951872015Environmental Footprint and Material Efficiency Support for Product Policy - Report on benefits and impacts/costs of options for different potential material efficiency requirements for DishwashersARDENTE FULVIO; TALENS PEIRO LAURA
JRC912712014Combining land surface models and remote sensing data to estimate evapotranspiration for drought monitoring in EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; SEPULCRE CANTO' GUADALUPE; VOGT Juergen
JRC890012014Carbon footprint calculator for European farms: preliminary results of the testing phaseTUOMISTO HANNA LEENA; DE CAMILLIS CAMILLO; LEIP Adrian; PELLETIER NATHANIEL; NISINI SCACCHIAFICHI Luigi; HAASTRUP Palle
JRC823722015Spatial Data InfrastructuresCRAGLIA Massimo
JRC950712015Evaluation of the Laboratory Comparison Exercise for SO2, CO, O3, NO and NO2, 19th-22nd of May 2014 IspraBARBIERE MAURIZIO; LAGLER Friedrich
JRC947712015Climate resilient development index: theoretical framework, selection criteria and fit for purpose indicatorsMIOLA Apollonia; PACCAGNAN Vania; PAPADIMITRIOU ELENI; MANDRICI ANDREA
JRC910132014Environmental impacts of cultured meat: alternative production scenariosTUOMISTO HANNA LEENA; ELLIS Marianne J.; HAASTRUP Palle
JRC929842015Evaluation of the status of natural resources in the updated Reference Configuration 2014 of the LUISA modelling platform Methodological framework and preliminary considerationsLOPES BARBOSA ANA LUISA; LAVALLE Carlo; VANDECASTEELE INE; VIZCAINO MARTINEZ MARIA; VALLECILLO RODRIGUEZ SARA; PERPIÑA CASTILLO CAROLINA; MARI RIVERO INES; BARANZELLI CLAUDIA; JACOBS CHRISTIAAN; BATISTA E SILVA FILIPE; ZULIAN GRAZIA; MAES JOACHIM; GUERRA Carlos
JRC940902015MWCNTs of different physicochemical properties cause similar inflammatory responses, but differences in transcriptional and histological markers of fibrosis in mouse lungsPOULSEN Sarah Søs; SABER Anne T; WILLIAMS Andrew; ANDERSEN Ole; KØBLER Carsten; ATLURI Rambabu; POZZEBON Mariaelena; MUCELLI Stefano P; SIMION Monica; RICKERBY David; MORTENSEN Alicja; JACKSON Petra; KYJOVSKA Zdenka O.; MØLHAVE Kristian; JACOBSEN Nicklas R; JENSEN Keld Astrup; YAUK Carole L; WALLIN Håkan; HALAPPANAVAR Sabina; VOGEL Ulla
JRC940802015Transcriptional profiling identifies physicochemical properties of nanomaterials that are determinants of the in vivo pulmonary response.HALAPPANAVAR Sabina; THOUSTRUP SABER Anne; DECAN Nathalie; ALSTRUP JENSEN Keld; WU Dongmei; RAUN JACOBSEN Nicklas; GUO Charles; ROGOWSKI Jacob; KOPONEN Ismo; LEVIN Marcus; METTE MADSEN Anne; ATLURI Rambabu; SNITKA Valentinas; BIRKEDAL Renie K; RICKERBY David; WILLIAMS Andrew; WALLIN Håkan; YAUK Carole L; VOGEL Ulla