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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
21-Nov-20142014Use of a Simple GIS-Based Model in Mapping the Atmospheric Concentration of γ-HCH in EuropeVIZCAINO MARTINEZ MARIA; PISTOCCHI Alberto
21-Nov-20142015Effect of ecological group classification schemes on performance of the AMBI benthic index in US coastal waters.GILLET David J; WEISBERG Stephan B; GRAYSON Treda; HAMILTON Anna; HANSEN Virginia; LEPPO Erik W; PELLETIER Marguerite C.; BORJA Angel; CADIEN Donald; DAUER Daniel, et al
21-Nov-20142014Les forêts du bassin du Congo – Etat des Forêts 2013DE WASSEIGE Carlos; FLYNN John; LOUPPE D; HIOL HIOL François; MAYAUX Philippe
20-Nov-20142014Evaluating the impact of land‐use density and mix on spatiotemporal urban activity patterns: an exploratory study using mobile phone dataJACOBS CHRISTIAAN; RIETVELD Piet; KOOMEN Eric; TRANOS Emmanouil
20-Nov-20142014New generation of hydraulic pedotransfer functions for EuropeTÓTH Brigitta; WEYNANTS MÉLANIE MARIE A; NEMES Attila; MAKÓ András; BILAS George; TOTH Gergely
19-Nov-20142014JRC ongoing activities for the improvement of Data Quality and Harmonization in LCI datasets and databasesFAZIO SIMONE; RECCHIONI MARCO; MASONI P.; GARRAIN Daniel
19-Nov-20142014The Brokering Approach for Enabling Collaborative Scientific ResearchBOLDRINI Enrico; CRAGLIA Massimo; MAZZETTI Paolo; NATIVI Stefano
19-Nov-20142014Modelling the influence of Major Baltic Inflows on near-bottom conditions at the entrance of the Gulf of FinlandLESSIN Gennadi; RAUDSEPP Urmas; STIPS Adolf
19-Nov-20142014Global potential of cultured meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, land use and water useTUOMISTO HANNA LEENA
19-Nov-20142014Vegetation productivity patterns at high northern latitudes: a multi-sensor satellite data assessmentGUAY Kevin C.; BECK PIETER; BERNER Logan; GOETZ Scott; BACCINI Alessandro; BUERMANN Wolfgang
18-Nov-20142014Water Framework Directive. Watch List Method. Analysis of diclofenac in waterTAVAZZI SIMONA; PARACCHINI Bruno; SUURKUUSK GERT; MARIANI Giulio; LOOS Robert; RICCI Marina; GAWLIK Bernd
17-Nov-20142015The SOLUTIONS project: Challenges and responses for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources managementBRACK Werner; ALTENBURGER Rolf; SCHÜÜRMANN Gerrit; KRAUSS Martin; LÓPEZ HERRÁEZ David; VAN GILS Jos; SLOBODNIK Jaroslav; MUNTHE John; GAWLIK Bernd; VAN WENZEL Annemarie, et al
17-Nov-20142014Slow progression of black band disease in Goniopora cf. columna colonies may promote its persistence in a coral communityMONTANO Simone; STRONA GIOVANNI; SEVESO Davide; MAGGIONI Davide; GALLI Paolo
17-Nov-20142014GEOWOW: A framework for multi-disciplinary interoperability of ocean data and systemsCRAGLIA Massimo; NATIVI Stefano
14-Nov-20142014Climate change and the emergence of vector-borne diseases in Europe: case study of dengue feverBOUZID Maha; COLÓN-GONZÁLEZ Filipe; LUNG Tobias; LAKE Iain R; HUNTER Paul R
13-Nov-20142014Transdisciplinary Enrichment of a Linear Research Process: Experiences Gathered from a Research Project Supporting the European Biodiversity Strategy to 2020HAUCK Jennifer; GÖRG Christoph; WERNER Anja; JAX Kurt; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; MAES JOACHIM; FURMAN Eeva; RATAMAKI Outi
11-Nov-20142014Spatial Data Infrastructures for Spatial Planning ResearchCRAGLIA Massimo
11-Nov-20142014Reviewing innovative Earth observation solutions for filling science-policy gaps in hydrologyLEHMAN Anthony; GIULIANI Gregory; RAY Nicolas; RAHMAN Kazi; ABBASPOUR Karim; NATIVI Stefano; CRAGLIA Massimo; CRIPE Douglas; QUEVAUVILLER Phillippe; BENISTON Martin
11-Nov-20142014Uncertainties in ecosystem service maps: a comparison on the European scaleSCHULP Nynke; BURKHARD Benjamin; MAES JOACHIM; VAN VLIET Jasper; VERBURG Peter
11-Nov-20142014Operational monitoring of daily evapotranspiration by the combination o of MODIS NDVI and ground meteorological data: Application and evaluation in Central ItalyMASELLI Fabio; PAPALE Dario; CHIESI M.; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; ANGELI Luca; Raschi Antonio; SEUFERT Guenther
Showing results 1 to 20 of 4344


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