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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
8-Jul-20142014The EIONET soil organic carbon data collection results and the comparison with a modeled datasetPANAGOS Panagiotis; HIEDERER Roland; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc; BAMPA Francesca
8-Jul-20142014Quantifying anthropogenic mobilization, flows (in product systems) and emissions of fixed nitrogen in process-based environmental life cycle assessment: rationale, methods and application to a life cycle inventoryPELLETIER NATHANIEL; LEIP Adrian
8-Jul-20142013Towards a climate-dependent paradigm of ammonia emission and depositionSUTTON Mark; REIS S.; RIDDICK Stuart; DRAGOSITS U.; NEMITZ E.; THEOBALD M.r.; TANG Y.s.; BRABAN Cf; VIENO Massimo; DORE Tony, et al
2-Jul-20142014Physical modelling of water, fauna and flora: knowledge gaps, avenues for future research and infrastructural needsTHOMAS Robert E; JOHNSON Matthew; FROSTICK Lynne; PARSONS Daniel; BOUMA Tjeerd; DIJKSTRA Jasper T.; EIFF Olivier; GOBERT Sylvie; HENRY Pierre-Yves; KEMP Paul, et al
2-Jul-20142014On the Value of Soil Resources in the Context of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Service DeliveryROBINSON David; FRASER Ian; DOMINATI Estelle L; DAVÍÐSDÓTTIR Brynhildur; JÓNSSON Jon O.g.; JONES Laurence; JONES Scott B; TULLER Markus; LEBRON Inma; BRISTOW Keith, et al
2-Jul-20142014Mapping cultural ecosystem services: A framework to assess the potential for outdoor recreation across the EUPARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; ZULIAN GRAZIA; KOPPEROINEN Leena; MAES JOACHIM; PHILIPP Schaegner; TERMANSEN Mette; ZANDERSEN Marianne; PEREZ-SOBA Marta; SCHOLEFIELD Paul; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
1-Jul-20142013Detection of Silver Nanoparticles inside Marine Diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana by Electron Microscopy and Focused Ion BeamPASCUAL GARCIA CESAR; BURCHARDT ALINA; NEGRÃO DE CARVALHO RAQUEL; GILLILAND Douglas; ROSSI Francois; LETTIERI Teresa; ANTONIO Diana C.
1-Jul-20142014On the methods to assess significance in nestedness analysesSTRONA GIOVANNI; FATTORINI Simone
1-Jul-20142014Determination of tropical deforestation rates and related carbon losses from 1990 to 2010ACHARD Frederic; BEUCHLE Rene'; MAYAUX Philippe; STIBIG Hans-Jurgen; BODART Catherine; BRINK Andreas; CARBONI Silvia; DESCLÉE BAUDOUIN; DONNAY Francois; EVA Hugh, et al
30-Jun-20142014Report of laboratory and in-situ validation of micro-sensor for monitoring ambient air - Ozone micro-sensors, αSense, model B4 O3 sensorsSPINELLE LAURENT; GERBOLES Michel; ALEIXANDRE Manuel
26-Jun-20142014Soil carbon sequestration for climate, food security and ecosystem services. Proceedings of the International conference 27-29 may 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland.HALLDORSSON Gudmundur; ARNALDS Andres; BAMPA Francesca; ÞORSTEINSDÓTTIR Arna Björk; SIGURDSSON Bjarni D.; GUDMUNDSSON Jon; MONTANARELLA Luca
26-Jun-20142014On the CH4 and N2O emission inventory compiled by EDGAR and improved with the EPRTR data for the INGOS projectJANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; GUIZZARDI DIEGO; BERGAMASCHI Peter; MUNTEAN Marilena
19-Jun-20142013Anthropogenic emissions of methane in the United StatesMILLER Scot M.; WOFSY Steven C.; MICHALAK Anna M.; KORT Eric; ANDREWS Arlyn; BIRAUD Sebastien; DLUGOKENCKY Edward; ELUSZKIEWICZ Janusz; FISCHER M; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet, et al
18-Jun-20142014Wind Erosion Susceptibility of European SoilsBORRELLI PASQUALE; BALLABIO CRISTIANO; PANAGOS Panagiotis; MONTANARELLA Luca
17-Jun-20142014Analysis of flash flood scenarios in an urbanized catchment using a two-dimensional hydraulic modelDOTTORI FRANCESCO; GRAZZINI Federico; DI LORENZO Michele; SPISNI Andrea; TOMEI Fausto
17-Jun-20142014Citizen Science and Smart CitiesCRAGLIA Massimo; GRANELL CANUT CARLOS
17-Jun-20142014TransCom N2O model inter-comparison Part I: Assessing the influence of transport and surface fluxes on tropospheric N2O variabilityTHOMPSON R. L.; PATRA P. K.; ISHIJIMA K.; SAIKAWA E.; CORAZZA Matteo; KARSTENS U.; WILSON C.; BERGAMASCHI Peter; DLUGOKENCKY E.; SWEENEY Colm, et al
16-Jun-20142014A multi-year methane inversion using SCIAMACHY, accounting for systematic errors using TCCON measurementsHOUWELING Sander; KROL M.; BERGAMASCHI Peter; FRANKENBERG Christian; DLUGOKENCKY Edward; MORINO I; NOTHOLT Justus; SHERLOCK V.; WUNCH D.; BECK Veronika, et al
13-Jun-20142014Characteristics of Citizen-contributed Geographic InformationSPYRATOS SPYRIDON; LUTZ Michael; PANTISANO FRANCESCO
13-Jun-20142014The eHabitat R library: Large scale modelling of habitat uniqueness for the management and assessment of protected areasMARTINEZ LOPEZ JAVIER; SKOIEN JON; DUBOIS Gregoire
Showing results 21 to 40 of 4166


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