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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
20-Mar-20142014Water Framework Directive Intercalibration Manual: Procedure to fit new or updated classification methods to the results of a completed intercalibrationBIRK Sebastian; WILLBY Nigel; POIKANE Sandra; VAN DE BUND Wouter
18-Mar-20142014Assessment of the EUMETSAT LSA-SAF evapotranspiration product for drought monitoring in EuropeSEPULCRE CANTO' GUADALUPE; VOGT Juergen; ARBOLEDA Alirio; ANTOFIE TIBERIU-EUGEN
17-Mar-20142014Shedding Light on the Sea: André Morel’s Legacy to Optical OceanographyANTOINE A.; BABIN M.; BERTHON Jean-Francois; BRICAUD Annick; GENTILI B.; LOISEL Hubert; MARITORENA Stephane; STRAMSKI Dariusz
17-Mar-20142014Potential Polyunsaturated Aldehydes in the Strait of Gibraltar under Two Tidal RegimesMORRILLO-GARCIA Soledad; VALCARCEL-PEREZ Nerea; COZAR Andres; ORTEGA Maria J.; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; RAMIREZ-ROMERO Eduardo; GARCIA Carlos; ECHEVARRIA Fidel; BARTUAL Ana
12-Mar-20142014The Role of Soil Information in Land Degradation and Desertification Mapping: A ReviewZUCCA Claudio; BIANCALANI Riccardo; KAPUR S.; AKCA E.; ZDRULI P.; MONTANARELLA Luca; NACHTERGAELE F
12-Mar-20142013Agricultural Drought Assessment in Latin America Based on a Standardized Soil Moisture IndexCARRAO Hugo; RUSSO SIMONE; SEPULCRE CANTO' GUADALUPE; BARBOSA PAULO
11-Mar-20142013Exploiting MODIS observation geometry to identify crop specific time series for regional agriculture monitoringDUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; LOPEZ LOZANO RAUL
7-Mar-20142014Soil Erodibility in Europe: a high-resolution dataset based on LUCASPANAGOS Panagiotis; MEUSBURGER Katrin; BALLABIO CRISTIANO; BORRELLI PASQUALE; ALEWELL Christine
7-Mar-20142014Above-ground woody carbon sequestration measured from tree rings is coherent with net ecosystem productivity at five eddy-covariance sitesBAPST Flurin; BOURIAUD Olivier; PAPALE Dario; GIELEN Bert; Janssens Ivan; NIKINMAA Eero; IBROM Andreas; WU Jian; BERNHOFER Christian; KOESTNER Barbara, et al
7-Mar-20142014Simulation and Analysis of Adjacency Effects in Coastal Waters: A Case StudyBULGARELLI Barbara; KISELEV V. B.; ZIBORDI Giuseppe
5-Mar-20142014How to develop a sustainable energy action plan (SEAP) in the Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries:The Baseline Emission InventoryCERUTTI ALESSANDRO; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; IANCU ANDREEA; GABRIELAITIENE IRENA; MELICA GIULIA; ZANCANELLA PAOLO; BERTOLDI PAOLO
4-Mar-20142014Automatic Identification of agricultural terraces through object- oriented analysis of very high resolution DSM and multispectral imagery obtained from an unmanned aerial vehicleDIAZ VARELA RAMON; ZARCO TEJADA PABLO JESUS; ANGILERI Vincenzo; LOUDJANI Philippe
4-Mar-20142014Assessing resource depletion in LCA: a review of methods and methodological issuesKLINGLMAIR MANFRED; SALA SERENELLA; BRANDAO MIGUEL
3-Mar-20142013A data-driven analysis of energy balance closure across FLUXNET research sites: The role of landscape scale heterogeneitySTOY P.; MAUDER M.; FOKEN Thomas; MARCOLLA B.; BOEGH Eva; Ibrom A; ARAIN Altaf; ARNETH Almut; AURELA Mika; BERNHOFER Christian, et al
3-Mar-20142012Biometric assessment of aboveground carbon pools and fluxes in three European forests by Randomized Branch SamplingBASCIETTO Marco; DE CINTI Bruno; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; CESCATTI Alessandro
28-Feb-20142014Mapping of Central Africa Forested Wetlands Using Remote SensingBETBEDER Julie; GOND Valéry; FRAPPART Frédéric; BAGHDADI Nicolas; BRIANT Gaël; BARTHOLOME Etienne
28-Feb-20142014Monitoring Guidance for Underwater Noise in European Seas - Part III: Background Information and AnnexesDEKELING René; TASKER Mark; VAN DER GRAAF Sandra; AINSLIE Michael; ANDERSSON Mathias; ANDRÉ Michel; BRENSING Karsten; CASTELLOTE Manuel; CRONIN Donal; DALEN John, et al
28-Feb-20142014Monitoring Guidance for Underwater Noise in European Seas - Part I: Executive SummaryDEKELING René; TASKER Mark; VAN DER GRAAF Sandra; AINSLIE Michael; ANDERSSON Mathias; ANDRÉ Michel; BRENSING Karsten; CASTELLOTE Manuel; CRONIN Donal; DALEN John, et al
28-Feb-20142014The water footprint of MilanVANHAM DAVY; BIDOGLIO Giovanni
28-Feb-20142013POMI: A Model Intercomparison exercise over the Po valleyTHUNIS Philippe; PERNIGOTTI DENISE; CUVELIER Cornelis; GEORGIEVA Emilia; GSELLA A.; DE MEIJ A.; PIROVANO G.; BALZARINI A.; RIVA G. M.; CARNEVALE C., et al
Showing results 21 to 40 of 4084


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