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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
18-Sep-20142014Regional environmental pressure influences population differentiation in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)VANDAMME Sara; MAES Gregory; RAEYMAEKERS Joost; COTTENIE Karl; IMSLAND Albert K.; HELLEMANS Bart; LACROIX Geneviève; MAC AOIDH EOIN; MARTINSOHN Jann; MARTINEZ Paulino, et al
17-Sep-20142014Technology Certification for Critical Infrastructure Protection: Current procedures in EU and EEA StatesLEWIS Adam
16-Sep-20142014Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) – Review of scientific advice for 2015 – part 2 (STECF-14-11)CASEY JOHN; VANHEE Willy; DOERNER Hendrik
16-Sep-20142014Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) – Evaluation of Fishing Effort Regimes in European Waters - Part 1 (STECF-14-12).HOLMES STEVEN; ALMENDRA CASTRO RIBEIRO CRISTINA
15-Sep-20142014Monitoring robust regressionRIANI Marco; CERIOLI Andrea; ATKINSON Anthony C.; PERROTTA Domenico
15-Sep-20142014Genetic identification in support of fisheries management: Principles into practiceCARVALHO Gary R.; MARTINSOHN Jann
15-Sep-20142013EU Privacy seals project: Comparison with other EU certification schemesRODRIGUES Rowena; BARNARD-WILLS David; WRIGHT David; REMOTTI Luca; DAMVAKERAKI Tonia; DE HERT Paul; PAPAKONSTANTINOU Vagelis; BESLAY Laurent; DUBOIS Nicolas
12-Sep-2014201446th Plenary meeting report of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (PLEN-14-02)GRAHAM Norman; CASEY JOHN; DOERNER Hendrik
10-Sep-20142014Combiner espaces sémantiques, structure et contraintes.EL GHALI ADIL; EL GHALI Kaoutar
5-Sep-20142014The influence of claddings on the seismic response of precast structures: the SAFECLADDING projectCOLOMBO Antonella; NEGRO Paolo; TONIOLO Giandomenico
4-Sep-20142014The role of claddings in the seismic response of precast structures: the SAFECLADDING full-scale testsNEGRO Paolo; LAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO
3-Sep-20142014Earthquake Natech Risk Assessment and Mapping using RAPID-NGIRGIN SERKAN; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth
2-Sep-20142011Statistical analysis of anisotropic rotation-invariant textural measurements of human settlements from multitemporal SAR dataTRIANNI GIOVANNA; ANGIULI EMANUELE; PESARESI Martino
1-Sep-20142014Integrating Spanish Lexical Resources by Meta-classifiers for unsupervised polarity classificationMARTÍNEZ-CÁMARA Eugenio; MARTÍN-VALDIVIA M. Teresa; MOLINA-GONZÁLEZ M. Dolores; PEREA ORTEGA JOSE MANUEL
28-Aug-20142014Evaluating the resilience of critical infrastructures assessing interdependencies and economic impact: the role of inventoriesGALBUSERA LUCA; AZZINI Ivano; JONKEREN OLAF ERIK; NTALAMPIRAS STAVROS; GIANNOPOULOS Georgios
27-Aug-20142013Review of monitoring techniques for biological contaminants. ERNCIP thematic area Chemical & Biological Risks in the Water Sector Deliverable 2 – Task 2HUFNAGL Peter
27-Aug-20142012On the efficiency of functional decomposition in fault tree analysisMATUZAS VAIDAS; CONTINI SERGIO
27-Aug-20142014EU Privacy seals project: Challenges and Possible Scope of an EU Privacy Seal Scheme. Final Report Study Deliverable 3.4DE HERT Paul; PAPAKONSTANTINOU Vagelis; RODRIGUES Rowena; BARNARD-WILLS David; WRIGHT David; REMOTTI Luca; DAMVAKERAKI Tonia; BESLAY Laurent; DUBOIS Nicolas
26-Aug-20142005Avalanche and Snowfall Monitoring with a Ground-based Synthetic Aperture RadarFORTUNY GUASCH JOAQUIM; MARTINEZ-VAZQUEZ Alberto
26-Aug-20142013Frequency Diverse MIMO Techniques for RadarSAMMARTINO PIER FRANCESCO; BAKER Christopher; GRIFFITHS Hugh
Showing results 1 to 20 of 3077


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