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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
25-Mar-20142008Measurement of Soil SusceptibilityRIPKA Pavel; JANOSEK Michal; DUSAN Hrustak; LEWIS Adam
24-Mar-20142014An Urn Occupancy Approach for Modeling the Energy Consumption of Distributed BeaconingGORATTI LEONARDO; YAPRAK Ece; SAVAZZI Stefano; POMALAZA-RÁEZ Carlos
20-Mar-20142014Resilience of Natural Gas Networks during Conflicts, Crises and DisruptionsCARVALHO Rui; BUZNA Lubos; BONO Flavio; MASERA Marcelo; ARROWSMITH David; HELBING Dirk
19-Mar-20142014Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of an old RC viaduct with frame piers and study of the effectiveness of base isolation through PsD testing (RETRO). SERIES Transnational Access reportPAOLACCI Fabrizio; PEGON Pierre; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; POLJANSEK Martin; GIANNINI Renato; DI SARNO Luigi; ABBIATI Giuseppe; MOHAMAD Arkam; BURSI Oreste; TAUCER Fabio, et al
12-Mar-20142013Numerical simulations in support of the blast actuator developmentVALSAMOS GEORGIOS; LARCHER Martin; SOLOMOS George; ANTHOINE Armelle
7-Mar-20142014EUROCODE 2: BACKGROUND & APPLICATIONS DESIGN OF CONCRETE BUILDINGS Worked examplesBIASIOLI Francesco; MANCINI Giuseppe; JUST Martin; CURBACH Manfred; WALRAVEN Just; GMEINER Sausanne; ARRIETA Jose; FRANK Roger; MORIN Caroline; ROBERT Fabienne, et al
5-Mar-20142012Experimental assessment of a three storey full-scale precast structure. SAFECAST Project: Work Package 4, Technical ReportNEGRO Paolo; BOURNAS DIONYSIOS; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; VIACCOZ Bernard; MAGONETTE Georges; CAPERAN Philippe
27-Feb-20142014Technology options for earthquake resistant, eco-efficient buildings in Europe: Research needsMARINI Alessandra; NEGRO Paolo; PASSONI Chiara; RIVA Paolo; ROMANO ELVIRA; TAUCER Fabio
27-Feb-20142013Do We Still Need Full-Scale Testing of Complete Structures?NEGRO Paolo
26-Feb-20142013An approach to include environmental assessment in structural designDATTILO Caterina Antonia; LANDOLFO Raffaele; ROMANO ELVIRA; NEGRO Paolo
26-Feb-20142013An integrated approach for the sustainable structural design: comparative assessment between two seismic resistant structuresCASCINI Lucrezia; D'ANIELLO Mario; LANDOLFO Raffaele; ROMANO ELVIRA
21-Feb-20142014Proceedings of ESA-EUSC-JRC 9th Conference on Image Information MiningSOILLE Pierre; IAPAOLO Michele; MARCHETTI Pier Giorgio; DATCU Mihai; COLAIACOMO Lucio
19-Feb-20142013Empirical fragility functions based on remote sensing and field data after the 12 January 2010 Haiti EarthquakeHANCILAR UFUK; TAUCER Fabio; CORBAN CHRISTINA
18-Feb-20142014Advances in Fishing Power: A Study Spanning 50 YearsDAMALAS DIMITRIOS; MARAVELIAS Christos; KAVADAS Stefanos
18-Feb-20142014Activity report of COST action TU0905 Working Group 1 - Predicting complex loads on glass structuresVANDEBROEK Marc; NEUGEBAUER Juergen; LARCHER Martin; RAJCIC Vlatka; ZARNIC Roko
18-Feb-20142013Reduced-complexity modeling of braided rivers: assessing model performance by sensitivity analysis, calibration and validationZILIANI Luca; SURIAN Nicola; COULTHARD T. J.; TARANTOLA Stefano
17-Feb-20142012Seismic analysis and retrofitting of an existing R.C. highway bridge: investigation through pseudo-dynamicPAOLACCI Fabrizio; GIANNINI Renato; ALESSANDRI Stefano; DI SARNO Luigi; DELLA CORTE G, et al
17-Feb-20142013Indicators for the internal market? An unfinished businessSALTELLI Andrea
17-Feb-20142011Seismic analysis and retrofitting of an existing RC highway bridge Part II: Analysis of the isolated bridgeDE RISI R; DI SARNO Luigi; DELLA CORTE G; PAOLACCI Fabrizio; MARIONI Agostino, et al
17-Feb-20142011Seismic analysis and retrofitting of an existing r.c. highway bridge part I: Assessment of the “as-built” configurationDI SARNO Luigi; GIANNINI Renato; TAUCER Fabio
Showing results 1 to 20 of 2928


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