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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
25-Aug-20142014State-of-the-art of screening methods for the rapid identification of chemicals in drinking water. ERNCIP thematic area Chemical & Biological Risks in the Water Sector Deliverable 1 - Task 6LLORCA Marta; RODRÍGUEZ-MOZAZ Sara
25-Aug-20142014Piracy Incidents in the Gulf of Guinea JRC Monthly Report – December 2013DEVES TEUNIS KLAAS GRASHUIS
25-Aug-20142013A taxonomy for piracy incident reporting: Tailored for the test implementation of PIRATES in the Gulf of GuineaDEVES TEUNIS KLAAS GRASHUIS
25-Aug-20142013On the Assessment of Automatically Processing HR/VHR Imagery Using Low-Resolution Global Reference DataSYRRIS VASILEIOS; PESARESI Martino
25-Aug-20142013Automatic Recognition of Built-up Areas in China Using CBERS-2B HR DataLU Linlin; GUO Huadong; PESARESI Martino; SOILLE Pierre; FERRI STEFANO
25-Aug-20142012Digital footprint in a mobile environment - proceedings of a workshop at JRC IspraLOESCHNER Jan; STIRPARO PASQUALE; MAHIEU Vincent; SHAW David; KOUNELIS IOANNIS; SCHEER Stefan
22-Aug-20142014Event extraction for Balkan languagesZAVARELLA Vanni; KUCUK DILEK; TANEV Hristo; HÜRRIYETOĞLU Ali
22-Aug-20142013Very Robust Regression: Frameworks for ComparisonsATKINSON Anthony C.; RIANI Marco; PERROTTA Domenico
22-Aug-20142014Assessing Temporal Changes in Global Population Exposure and Impacts from EarthquakesCARNEIRO FREIRE SERGIO MANUEL; EHRLICH Daniele; FERRI STEFANO
22-Aug-20142014The Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) – New Tools and Geodatasets for Improving Disaster Risk Assessment and Crisis ManagementPESARESI Martino; EHRLICH Daniele; CARNEIRO FREIRE SERGIO MANUEL
21-Aug-20142014Genetic identification in support of fisheries management: Principles and contextMARTINSOHN Jann; CARVALHO Gary R.
21-Aug-20142014DCF Data Call Coverage Report for the Mediterranean and Black Sea in 2013MARTINSOHN Jann
21-Aug-20142014Index for Risk Management - InfoRM: Concept and MethodologyDE GROEVE Tom; POLJANSEK Karmen; VERNACCINI Luca
21-Aug-20142013Calculation of Blast Loads for Application to Structural Components. Administrative Arrangement No JRC 32253-2011 with DG-HOME Activity A5 - Blast Simulation Technology DevelopmentKARLOS VASILEIOS; SOLOMOS George
20-Aug-20142013Personal Data Breaches. A Feasibility Study on a Cyber ExerciseGENEIATAKIS DIMITRIOS; SCHEER Stefan
20-Aug-20142014Internet of Things Strategic Research and Innovation AgendaVERMESAN Ovidiu; FRIESS Peter; GUILLEMIN Patrick; SUNDMAEKER Harald; EISENHAUER Markus; MOESSNER Klaus; ARNDT Marilyn; SPIRITO Maurizio; MEDAGLIANI Paolo; GIAFFREDA Raffaele, et al
20-Aug-20142014Report Global Trends in Fisheries Governance Improving sustainabilityGAMITO JARDIM JOSÉ ERNESTO; ANDREASSON Arne
20-Aug-20142013A Framework for Privacy Protection and Usage Control of Personal Data in a Smart City ScenarioNAI FOVINO Igor; NEISSE RICARDO; BALDINI Gianmarco; KOUNELIS IOANNIS
19-Aug-20142012Visual collection of built up information from high resolution satellite imageryEHRLICH Daniele; MARIN HERRERA Mario Alberto; FERRI STEFANO; KEMPER Thomas; HALKIA Stamatia; HAAG Fernand; PESARESI Martino
19-Aug-20142013Twitter Integration and Content Moderation in GDACSmobileLINK Daniel; HELLINGRATH Bernd; DE GROEVE Tom
Showing results 21 to 40 of 3064


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