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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
7-Apr-20142014Viewpoint: Monitoring and addressing trends in dietary exposure to micronutrients through voluntarily fortified foods in the European UnionCASALA Edouard; MATTHYS Christophe; PETER Szabolcs; BAKA Athanasia; KETTLER Susanne; MCNULTY Breige Mcnulty; STEPHEN Alison M.; VERKAIK-KLOOSTERMAN Janneke; WOLLGAST Jan; BERRY Rachel, et al
3-Apr-20142012Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Mediterranean Sea: atmospheric occurrence, deposition and decoupling with settling fluxes in the water columnCASTRO-JIMÉNEZ Javier; BERROJALBIZ Naiara; WOLLGAST Jan; DACHS Jordi
31-Mar-20142014Report on the Verification of the Performance of GHB614 and LLCotton25 Event-specific PCR-based Methods Applied to DNA Extracted from Stack Cotton GHB614 x LLCotton25RISCHITOR PATRICIA ELENA; MAZZARA Marco; KREYSA JOACHIM
31-Mar-20142014Report on the Verification of the Performance of MON 87708 and MON 89788 Event-specific PCR-based Methods Applied to DNA Extracted from GM Stack MON 87708 x MON 89788 SoybeanJACCHIA SARA; SACCO Maria-Grazia; MAZZARA Marco; KREYSA JOACHIM
31-Mar-20142014Report on the Verification of the Performance of MON 87705 and MON 89788 Event-specific PCR-based Methods applied to DNA Extracted from GM Stack Soybean MON 87705 x MON 89788SAVINI Cristian; MAZZARA Marco; KREYSA JOACHIM
24-Mar-20142013Adverse Outcome Pathway-based Screening Strategies for an Animal-free Safety Assessment of ChemicalsLANDESMANN Brigitte; MENNECOZZI Milena; BERGGREN ELISABET; WHELAN Maurice
24-Mar-20142014Retrospective analysis of the Draize test for serious eye damage/eye irritation: importance of understanding the in vivo endpoints under UN GHS/EU CLP for the development and evaluation of in vitro test methodsADRIAENS Els; VIEGAS BARROSO JOAO FILIPE; ESKES Chantra; HOFFMANN Sebastian; MCNAMEE Pauline; ALEPEE Natalie; BESSOU-TOUYA Sandrine; DE SMEDT Ann; DE WEVER Bart; PFANNENBECKER Uwe; TAILHARDAT Magalie; ZUANG Valerie
10-Mar-20142014Fibre labelling. Polytrimethylene terephthalate - PTT - DuPont: Final reportPICCININI Paola; SENALDI Chiara; ALBERTO LOPES JOÃO FILIPE
17-Feb-20142014Optimisation of an analytical method and results from the inter-laboratory comparison of the migration of regulated substances from food packaging into the new mandatory EU simulant for dry foodstuffsJAKUBOWSKA NATALIA; BELDI Giorgia; BACH AURELIE; SIMONEAU Catherine
17-Feb-20142013The GMOseek matrix: a decision support tool for optimizing the detection of genetically modified plantsBLOCK Annette; DEBODE Frédéric; GROHMANN Lutz; HULIN Julie; TAVERNIERS Isabel; KLUGA L.; BROEDERS Sylvia; BARBAU-PIEDNOIR Elodie; HUBER Ingrid; VAN DEN BULCKE MARC; HEINZE Petra; BERBEN Gilbert; BUSCH Ulrich; ROOSENS Nancy; JANSSEN Eric; ZEL Jana; GRUDEN Kristina; MORISSET Dany
3-Feb-20142012Clearing the pollution indoorsKOTZIAS DIMITRIOS
29-Jan-20142013Cross-Cluster CooperationBERGGREN Katarina; WHELAN Maurice; SCHWARZ Michael; GOCHT Tilman; CUCINELLI Bruno; CRONIN Mark; HARDY Barry; HEINZLE Elmar; PESCHANSKI Marc; VERFAILLE Catherine; HESCHELER Jürgen; DA SILVA Emmanuelle
29-Jan-20142013Standard Operating Procedure for the PIC Content ManagementZENIE' IBAA ALEXANDRE; GARBIN SIMONE; DEL RIO MARTIN ANGEL
24-Jan-20142013Guidance on classification for reproductive toxicity under the globally harmonized system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS)MOORE Nigel; BOOGAARD Peter; BREMER Susanne; BUESEN Roland; EDWARDS James; FRAYSSE Benoit; HALLMARK Nina; HEMMING Helena; LANGRAND Carole; MEISTERS Marie-Louise; PARSONS Paul; POLITANO V; READER Stuart; RIDGWAY Peter; HENNES Christa
23-Jan-20142013Progress report on the development of standard methods for the characterisation of textile fibres and yarns and for the safety of textile products and toysPICCININI Paola
23-Jan-20142013A proteomic approach to investigate the modification in the proteome of the cytoplasmatic compartment of Balb/3T3 cells after exposure to gold nanoparticles (AuNPs)CHASSAIGNE Hubert; CARPI Donatella; GIORIA Sabrina; PARRACINO ANTONIETTA; BARBORO Paola; ROSSI Francois
23-Jan-20142013The assessment of environmental noise impact in the European UnionPAVIOTTI Marco; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; NUGENT Colin
23-Jan-20142013Predictive Toxicology of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles: comparative in-vitro study of different cellular models using methods of knowledge discovery from dataHOREV-AZARIA Limor; BALDI Giovanni; BENO Delila; BONACCHI Daniele; GOLLA-SCHINDLER Ute; KIRKPATRICK James C; KOLLE Susanne; LANDSIEDEL Robert; MAIMON Oded; MARCHE Patrice N; PONTI Jessica; ROMANO Roni; ROSSI Francois; SOMMER Dieter; UBOLDI C.; UNGER Ronald E; VILLIERS Christian; KORENSTEIN Rafi
23-Jan-20142013Guidelines for health-based ventilation in EuropeWARGOCKI Pawel; CARRER Paolo; DE OLIVEIRA FERNANDES Edurado; HANNINEN Otto; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos
23-Jan-20142013On-going activities of the European Union institutions to tackle environmental noisePAVIOTTI Marco; KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; NUGENT Colin; RAPACZ Piotr; DE VOS Koen
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