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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1059462017Characterisation of nanomaterial hydrophobicity using engineered surfacesDESMET CLOE; VALSESIA Andrea; ODDO ARIANNA; CECCONE Giacomo; SPAMPINATO VALENTINA; ROSSI Francois; COLPO Pascal
JRC1012272016Strong attachment of circadian pacemaker neurons on modified ultrananocrystalline diamond surfacesVOSS A.; WEI Hongying; ZHANG Yi; TURNER Stuart; CECCONE Giacomo; REITHMAIER J. P.; STENGL M.; POPOV C.
JRC1042392016Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards Interlaboratory Study on Measuring the Thickness and Chemistry of Nanoparticle Coatings Using XPS and LEISBELSEY Natalie; CANT David; MINELLI Caterina; ARUJO Joyce; BOCK Bernd; BRUNER Philippe; CASTNER David; CECCONE Giacomo; COUNSELL Jonathan; DIETRICH Paul M; ENGELHARD, Mark H.; FEARN, Sarah; GALHARDO Carlos E.; KALBE, Henryk; KIM Jeong Won; LARTUNDO-ROJAS Luis; LUFTMAN Henry S.; NUNNEY Tim S.; PSEINER Johannes; SMITH Emily F.; SPAMPINATO VALENTINA; STURM Jacobus M.; THOMAS, Andrew G.; TREACY, Jon P.w.; VEITH, Lothar; WAGSTAFFE, Michael; WANG Hai; WANG Meiling; WANG Yung-Chen; WERNER, Wolfgang; YANG, Li; SHARD Alexander
JRC981732016Gold nanoparticles increases UV and thermal stability of human serum albuminCAPOMACCIO ROBIN BRUNO; OSORIO Ines; OJEA JIMENEZ ISAAC; CECCONE Giacomo; COLPO Pascal; GILLILAND Douglas; HUSSAIN Rohanah; SILIGARDI Giuliano; ROSSI Francois; RICARD-BLUM Sylvie; CALZOLAI LUIGI
JRC959272016Highly flexible platform for tuning surface properties of silica nanoparticles and monitoring their biological interactionOJEA JIMENEZ ISAAC; URBAN LOPEZ PATRICIA; BARAHONA RUIZ FRANCISCO; PEDRONI MATTEO; CAPOMACCIO ROBIN BRUNO; CECCONE Giacomo; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; ROSSI Francois; GILLILAND Douglas
JRC1040802016Biofouling Properties of Nitroxide-Modified Amorphous Carbon SurfacesPARRACINO ANTONIETTA; PELLACANI Paola; COLPO Pascal; CECCONE Giacomo; VALSESIA Andrea; ROSSI Francois; MANSO SILVAN Miguel
JRC945972015High-resolution scanning transmission soft X-ray microscopy for rapid probing of nanoparticle distribution and sufferance features in exposed cellsKOUROUSIAS G; PASCOLO Lorella; MARMORATO Patrick; PONTI Jessica; CECCONE Giacomo; KISKINOVA Maya; GIANONCELLI Alessandra
JRC951442015Determination of the structure and morphology of gold nanoparticle–HSA protein complexesCAPOMACCIO ROBIN BRUNO; OJEA JIMENEZ ISAAC; COLPO Pascal; GILLILAND Douglas; CECCONE Giacomo; ROSSI Francois; CALZOLAI LUIGI
JRC954472015Nanostructured gold surfaces coated by silica-based layers as SPR and MS imaging platformBOMBERA RADOSLAW WIKTOR; SPAMPINATO VALENTINA; CECCONE Giacomo; COLPO Pascal; EBRAN Jean-Philippe; BONNEL David; STAUBER Jonathan
JRC971802015Modulation of surface bio-functionality by using gold nanostructures on protein repellent surfacesMULDUR SINAN; DESMET CLOE; LA SPINA RITA; DE JESUS DA CRUZ MONTEIRO BEATRIZ; HALAMODA KENZAOUI BLANKA; SPAMPINATO VALENTINA; CECCONE Giacomo; VALSESIA Andrea; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI Francois