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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC663422015Inorganic mass spectrometry as a tool of destructive nuclear forensic analysisMAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; VARGA Zsolt; HEDBERG Magnus; ERDMANN Nicole
JRC663432015Sample characteristics and nuclear forensic signaturesMAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; VARGA Zsolt
JRC901352015A New Look at the Structural Properties of Trisodium Uranate Na3UO4SMITH ANNA; RAISON Philippe; MARTEL LAURA; PRIEUR DAMIEN; CHARPENTIER THIBAULT; WALLEZ G; SUARD E.; SCHEINOST Andreas; HENNIG Christoph; MARTIN P.; KVASHNINA Kristina; CHEETHAM A.k.; KONINGS Rudy
JRC968922015The valence-fluctuating ground state of plutoniumJANOSCHEK M.; DAS Pinaki; CHAKRABARTI Bismayan; ABERNATHY Douglas L.; LUMSDEN Mark D.; LAWRENCE J.; THOMPSON J.d.; LANDER G.h; MITCHELL J. N.; RICHMOND Scott; RAMOS Mike; TROUW Frans; ZHU Jian-Xin; HAULE Kristjan; KOTLIAR G.; BAUER E.d.
JRC927102015X-ray Diffraction, Mössbauer Spectroscopy, Magnetic Susceptibility, and Specific Heat Investigations of Na4NpO5 and Na5NpO6SMITH ANNA; HEN AMIR; RAISON Philippe; COLINEAU Eric; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; MAGNANI Nicola; SANCHEZ Jean-Pierre; KONINGS Rudy; CACIUFFO Roberto; CHEETHAM Anthony
JRC961902015Angular-Resolution and Material-Characterization Measurements for a Dual-Particle Imaging System with Mixed-Oxide FuelPOITRASSON-RIVIERE Alexis; POLACK K; HAMEL Michael; KLEMM Dietrich; ITO Kai; ALEXANDER Mcspaden; FLASKA Marek; CLARKE Shaun D.; POZZI Sara; TOMANIN ALICE; PEERANI Paolo
JRC933362015Assessing Hand-Held Raman Spectrometer FirstDefender RM for Nuclear Safeguards ApplicationsBERLIZOV Andrey; HO MER LIN DORIS; NICHOLL Adrian; FANGHAENEL Thomas; MAYER Klaus
JRC959612015Theoretical study of the electronic spectra of neutral and cationic NpO and NpO2KOVACS ATTILA; INFANTE Ivan
JRC909712015The use of different dispersive Raman spectrometers for the analysis of uranium compoundsHO MER LIN DORIS; MANARA Dario; LINDQVIST-REIS Patric; FANGHAENEL Thomas; MAYER Klaus
JRC958582015Examination of the irradiated mixed carbide and nitride fuels as part of their safety evaluationBOTTOMLEY Paul; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios; NASYROW Ramil; DE WEERD Wim; RONDINELLA Vincenzo