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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC990442016Analysis of loss of offsite power events reported in nuclear power plantsVOLKANOVSKI ANDRIJA; BALLESTEROS AVILA ANTONIO; PEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL; KANCEV Dusko; MAQUA Michael; STEPHAN Jean-Luc
JRC1027892016CERTIFICATION REPORT: Preparation and Certification of Large-Sized Dried (LSD) Spike - IRMM-1027rJAKOPIC Rozle; BAUWENS Jeroen; BUJAK RENATA; HENNESSY Carmel; KEHOE Frances; JAKOBSSON Ulf; RICHTER Stephan; AREGBE Yetunde
JRC959452015Quality control tools for age dating in nuclear safeguards and forensicsVENCHIARUTTI CELIA; FANKHAUSER ADELHEID; VARGA ZSOLT; JAKOPIC Rozle; RICHTER Stephan; AREGBE Yetunde; MAYER Klaus; MAILLARD Christophe; RIVIER C.; ROUDIL D.
JRC918942015Upgrading the experimental database of fission products and actinides release behaviour in the VERCORS program through chemical analysisMIWA S.; DUCROS G.; HANUS Eric; BOTTOMLEY Paul; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan
JRC918342015Revaporisation experiments on aged remnants of a severe nuclear accident using samples from the TMI-2 core.KNEBEL KEVIN; BOTTOMLEY Paul; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; AUVINEN Ari; JOKINIEMI J.
JRC1006582016The neutron cross-section functions for the reactions 187Re(n,α)184Ta, 187Re(n,2n)186Re and 185Re(n,2n)184Re in the energy range 13.08-19.5 MeVJOVANCEVIC NIKOLA; DARABAN Laura; STROH HEIKO; OBERSTEDT Stephan; HULT Mikael; BONALDI CEDRIC; GEERTS Wouter; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; LUTTER GUILLAUME; MARISSENS Gerd; VIDALI Marzio
JRC949862016Neutron producing reactions in PuBe neutron sourcesBAGI JANOS; Lakosi L.; NGUYEN Cong-Tam
JRC1006872016Fundamental uncertainty equations for nuclear dating applied to the 140Ba-140La and 227Th-223Ra chronometersPOMME Stefaan; COLLINS S.; HARMS A. V.; JEROME S. M.
JRC1010452016Strategic Trade Review: Spring 2016SEVINI Filippo; VISKI Andrea
JRC1023132016Preliminary Nuclear Energy Literature ReviewSIMIC ZDENKO; WASTIN Franck