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20-Nov-20142014Quantifying multiple trace elements in uranium ore concentrates: an interlaboratory comparisonBÜRGER S.; BOULYGA S.; PEN´KIN M.v.; BOSTICK D.; JOVANOVIC S.; LINDVALL R.; RASMUSSEN Gert; RICIPUTI L.
25-Sep-20142014Revaporisation of fission product deposits in the primary circuit and its impact on accident source termBOTTOMLEY Paul; KNEBEL KEVIN; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan; HASTE Tim; SOUVI Sidi; AUVINEN Ari; KALILAINEN J.; KÄRKELÄ Teemu
25-Sep-20142014Emergent phenomena in actinides: Multipolar order, correlation effects, and unconventional superconductivity Phénomènes émergents dans les actinides: ordre multipolaire, effets de corrélation et supraconductivité non conventionnelleCACIUFFO Roberto
9-Sep-20142014High resolution ICP-OES analysis of neptunium-237 in samples from pyrochemical treatment of spent nuclear fuelKRACHLER MICHAEL; ALVAREZ SARANDES LAVANDERA Rafael; SOUCEK Pavel; CARBOL Paul
4-Sep-20142014ESARDA Contributions to IAEA’s State Level ConceptSEVINI Filippo; NIEMEYER Irmgard; VINCZE A.; VAN DER MEER Klaas
4-Sep-20142014Low-temperature magnetic properties of NpNi5HEN AMIR; COLINEAU Jennifer; ELOIRDI Rachel; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; MAGNANI Nicola; WILHELM F.; ROGALEV A.; SANCHEZ J.p.; SHICK A.b.; HALEVY Itzhak, et al
2-Sep-20142014Laser melting of nano-crystalline uranium dioxidesCAPPIA FABIOLA; JOVANI ABRIL Raquel; SPINO JOSE LUIS; LUZZI Lelio; JANSSEN ARNE; MANARA Dario
2-Sep-20142014Heat capacity, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of uranium-americium mixed oxidesVALU SORIN; STAICU Dragos; BENES ONDREJ; KONINGS Rudy; LAJARGE Patrick
28-Aug-20142014Structural investigation of Np2Co17 and analogue compounds under pressureHEN AMIR; HEATHMAN STEPHEN; ELOIRDI Rachel; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; ELGAZZAR S.; OPPENEER P.m.; HALEVY Itzhak; ORION I.; CACIUFFO Roberto
27-Aug-20142014225Ac imaging of NK1-targeted α-particle for glioblastoma radiotherapyABOU Diane; GUERRERO-CAZARES H; MINN Il; POMPER Martin; QUINONES-HINOJOSA Alfredo; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BACK Tom; HOBBS Robert F.; WAHL Richard; SGOUROS George
27-Aug-20142014Targeted alpha therapy of glioblastoma multiforme: First clinical experience with 213Bi-substance PMORGENSTERN Alfred; KROLICKI Leszek; KUNIKOWSKA Jolanta; KOZIARA H; KROLICKI B; JAKUCINSKI M; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank
26-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 21 (1992)TAGZIRIA Hamid
26-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 30 (1999)TAGZIRIA Hamid
26-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 29 (1998)TAGZIRIA Hamid
26-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 28 (1998)TAGZIRIA Hamid
25-Aug-20142014The TRANSURANUS mechanical model for large strain analysisDI MARCELLO Valentino; SCHUBERT Arndt; VAN DE LAAR Jacques; VAN UFFELEN Paul
25-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 26 (1996)TAGZIRIA Hamid
25-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 25 (1995)TAGZIRIA Hamid
25-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 24 (1994)TAGZIRIA Hamid
25-Aug-20142013Esarda Bulletin no. 23 (1994)TAGZIRIA Hamid
Showing results 1 to 20 of 2255


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