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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
18-Mar-20142013Scintilla: A New International Platform for the Development, Evaluation and Benchmarking of Technologies to Detect Radioactive and Nuclear MaterialSANNIE G.; NORMAND S; TAGZIRIA Hamid; PEERANI Paolo; FRIEDRICH Hermann; CHMEL S.; DE VITA R.; PAVAN M.; GRATTAROLA M.; BOTTA E., et al
13-Mar-20142013What do we mean with knowledge management?JONTER Thomas; JANSSENS Willem; MARIN FERRER Montserrat
12-Mar-20142009Pulsed Neutron Facility for Research in Illicit Trafficking and Nuclear SafeguardsFAVALLI Andrea; MEHNER Hans-Christoph; CROCHEMORE Jean-Michel; PEDERSEN Bent
12-Mar-20142013Time dependent measurements of induced fission for SNM interrogationBECK Arie; ISRAELASHVILI I.; WENGROWICZ U.; CASPI E. N.; YAAR I; OSOVIZKI Alon; OCHERASHVILLI A.; RENNHOFER Harald; PEDERSEN Bent; CROCHEMORE Jean-Michel, et al
11-Mar-20142013Substance P - nanozeolite labeled with 224Ra and 225Ra - new potential radiobioconjugate for internal alpha therapyLESZCZUK Edyta; PIOTROWSKA A; KOŹMIŃSKI P; BILEWICZ Aleksander; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank
11-Mar-20142013TiO2 nanoparticles as carries of 225Ac/213Bi in vivo generatorsLESZCZUK Edyta; PIOTROWSKA A; BILEWICZ Aleksander; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank
11-Mar-20142013Free form source representation for a VR dosimetry training applicationMOLTO CARACENA Teofilo; GONCALVES Joao; PEERANI Paolo; VENDRELL VIDAL Eduardo
11-Mar-20142013Hands-on training of IAEA Safeguards Surveillance Concepts using a VR based ApplicationMOLTO CARACENA Teofilo; GONCALVES Joao; PICKETT Susan
11-Mar-20142013Fast neutron coincidences from induced fission as a method for detection of SNMOCHERASHVILI Aharon; MOSCONI MARITA; CROCHEMORE Jean-Michel; BECK Arie; ROESGEN Eric; MAYOROV VALERIY; PEDERSEN Bent
11-Mar-20142009Neutron flux from a 14‐MeV neutron generator with tungsten filter for research in NDA methods for nuclear safeguards and securityRENNHOFER Harald; PEDERSEN Bent; CROCHEMORE Jean-Michel
11-Mar-20142009The added value of International Benchmarks for Fuel Performance Codes: an illustration on the basis of TRANSURANUSVAN UFFELEN Paul; SCHUBERT Arndt; GYORI Csaba; VAN DE LAAR Jacques
11-Mar-20142008PUNITA: a Pulsed Neutron Facility for Research in Illicit Trafficking and Nuclear SafeguardsFAVALLI ANDREA; MEHNER Hans-Christoph; CROCHEMORE JEAN-MICHEL; PEDERSEN BENT
10-Mar-20142014Anti–Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Liposomes Loaded with 225Ac for Potential Targeted Antivascular a-Particle Therapy of CancerBANDEKAR Amey; ZHU Charles; JINDAL Rohit; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; SOFOU Stavroula
10-Mar-20142014Recovery of actinides from actinide-aluminium alloys by chlorination: Part II.SOUCEK Pavel; CASSAYRE L.; ELOIRDI Rachel; MALMBECK Rikard; MEIER ROLAND; NOURRY Christophe; CLAUX BENOIT; GLATZ Jean-Paul
10-Mar-20142014DNA double strand breaks as predictor of efficacy of the alpha-particle emitter Ac-225 and the electron emitter Lu-177 for somatostatin receptor targeted radiotherapyGRAF Franziska; FAHRER Jörg; MAUS Stephan; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; VENKATACHALAM S.; FOTTNER C.; WEBER M.m.; HUELSENBECK Johannes; SCHRECKENBERGER M, et al
7-Mar-20142013Characterization of self-damaged (U,Pu)N fuel used in the NIMPHE programCARVAJAL NUNEZ URSULA; PRIEUR DAMIEN; JANSSEN ARNE; WISS Thierry; CAMBRIANI ANDREA; VERMOREL Emmanuel; Scheinost A.C.; SOMERS Joseph
7-Mar-20142013The European Radon Mapping ProjectBOSSEW Peter; TOLLEFSEN Tore; GRUBER Valeria; DE CORT Marc
7-Mar-20142014Thorium / Uranium Mixed Oxide Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Magnetic PropertiesHUDRY DAMIEN; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; WALTER OLAF; COLINEAU Eric; RASMUSSEN Gert; WANG Di; CHAKRAVADHALUNA Kiran; COURTOIS Eglantine; KUEBEL Christian, et al
7-Mar-20142013Real-time, Accurate Radioactive Source Representation for Virtual Reality based Training on Radiation DetectionMOLTO CARACENA Teofilo; GONCALVES Joao; PEERANI Paolo; VENDRELL VIDAL Eduardo
Showing results 41 to 60 of 2188


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