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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC924562015Options for Adaptation of the Biogas Sector to Serve Evolving Electricity GridsBAXTER David
JRC945432015Evolutions in energy conservation policies in the time of renewablesLABANCA NICOLA; MASCHIO ISABELLA; BERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC971632015Nutrient Recovery by Biogas Digestate ProcessingDROSG Bernhard; FUCHS Werner; AL SEADI Teodorita; MADSEN Michael; LINKE Bernd; BAXTER David
JRC990412015Evaluation of Simplified Flexibility Evaluation Tools Using a Unit Commitment ModelQUOILIN SYLVAIN; NIJS WOUTER; HIDALGO GONZALEZ IGNACIO; ZUCKER ANDREAS; THIEL CHRISTIAN
JRC923512015Pose Interpolation SLAM for large maps using moving 3D SensorsCERIANI SIMONE; SANCHEZ BELENGUER CARLOS; TADDEI PIERLUIGI; WOLFART Erik; SEQUEIRA Vitor
JRC924322014An Efficient Technique to Recompose Archaeological Artifacts from FragmentsSANCHEZ BELENGUER CARLOS; VENDRELL VIDAL Eduardo
JRC983582016Area of Concern: A new paradigm in life cycle assessment for the development of footprint metricsRIDOUTT Bradley; PFISTER Stephan; MANZARDO Alessandro; BARE Jane; BOULAY Anne-Marie; CHERUBINI Francesco; FANKTE Peter; FRISCHNECHT Rolf; HAUSCHILD Michael; HENDERSON Andrew; JOLLIET Oliver; LEVASSEUR Annie; MARGNI Manuele; MCKONE Thomas E.; MICHELSEN Ottar; MILA I CANALS Llorenc; PAGE Girija; PANT Rana; RAUGEI Marco; SALA SERENELLA; VERONES Francesca
JRC884762016Performance and degradation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: State of the art in modeling from atomistic to system scaleJAHNKE Thomas; FUTTER Georg; LATZ Arnulf; MALKOW Thomas; PAPAKONSTANTINOU GEORGIOS; TSOTRIDIS Georgios; SCHOTT Pascal; GÉRARD Mathias; QUINAUD Manuelle; QUIROGA Matías; FRANCO Alejandro A; MALEK Kourosh; CALLE VALLEJO Federico; FERREIRA DE MORAIS R; KERBER T; SAUTET Philippe; LOFFREDA David; STRAHL Stephan; SERRA Maria; POLVERINO Pierpaolo; PIANESE Cesare; MAYUR Manik; BESSLER Wolfgang G; KOMPIS Costis
JRC802332015Energy efficiency services for residential buildings: market situation and existing potentials in the European UnionLABANCA NICOLA; SUERKEMPER Felix; BERTOLDI PAOLO; IRREK Wolfgang; DUPLESSIS Bruno
JRC963442016A methodology for optimization of the complementarity between small-hydropower plants and solar PV systemsKOUGIAS IOANNIS; SZABO Sandor; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; HULD Thomas; BODIS Katalin