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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC972922015Parcel based classification for agricultural mapping and monitoring using multi-temporal satellite image sequenceKUSSUL NATALIA; LEMOINE GUIDO; GALLEGO PINILLA FRANCISCO; SKAKUN SERGII; LAVRENIUK MYKOLA
JRC1075802017Performance evaluation of low-cost BTEX sensors and devices within the EURAMET Key-VOCs projectSPINELLE LAURENT; GERBOLES MICHEL; KOK GERTJAN; PERSIJN STEFAN; SAUERWALD TILMAN
JRC1081362017Ocean energy in Europe: assessing support instruments and cost-reduction needsMAGAGNA DAVIDE; MONFARDINI RICCARDO; UIHLEIN ANDREAS
JRC1077832017Runaway reactions. Part 2 Causes of Accidents in selected CSB case histories Part 2GYENES ZSUZSANNA; CARSON PHILLIP
JRC1077822017Runaway reactions - Thermochemistry, Statistics and Control Measures Part 1GYENES ZSUZSANNA; CARSON PHILLIP
JRC1092072017Aeronet-OC 2017 data: An ongoing contribution to the asssessment of Copernicus Sentinel-3 ocean color data productsZIBORDI GIUSEPPE
JRC1056692017Uncertainty Propagation of Spectral Matching Ratios Measured Using a Calibrated SpectroradiometerPAVANELLO DIEGO; GALLEANO ROBERTO; KENNY ROBERT; MUELLEJANS HARALD
JRC1065012018Impact of cold temperature on Euro 6 passenger car emissionsSUAREZ BERTOA RICARDO; ASTORGA-LLORENS MARIA
JRC654872011Personal exposure to PM2.5 among high-school students in Milan and background measurements: The EuroLifeNet studyBORGINI A.; TITTARELLI A; RICCI C.; BERTOLDI M.; DE SAEGER EMILE; CROSIGNANI P.
JRC1089192017What Are You Voting For? Proximity to Refugee Reception Centres and Voting in the 2016 Italian Constitutional ReferendumBRATTI MASSIMILIANO; DEIANA CLAUDIO; HAVARI ENKELEJDA; MAZZARELLA GIANLUCA; MERONI ELENA CLAUDIA