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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC977802016Sustainable energy in the Danube region as an integral part of EU 2020 strategy: Analysis of NREAPs, NEEAPs and renewable energy progress reports of Danube region countriesBANJA MANJOLA; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; BODIS Katalin; ECONOMIDOU MARINA; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; SCARLAT NICOLAE; MEDARAC HRVOJE; KONA ALBANA
JRC1020542016Evaluation of the Laboratory Comparison Exercise for SO2, CO, O3, NO and NO2 12th - 15th of October 2015 Ispra (I)LAGLER Friedrich; BARBIERE MAURIZIO; BOROWIAK Annette
JRC959262016Life cycle assessment of ocean energy technologiesUIHLEIN ANDREAS
JRC1006692016Gas and Wall Temperature Disparities While Fueling and Defueling TanksBOURGEOIS Thomas; AMMOURI Fouad; BARALDI Daniele; MELIDEO DANIELE; ZAEPPFEL Didier; MATHEY Frederick; BRACHMANN Thomas; BARTH Frederick; LONDER Harald; HERR Marius; WURSTER Reinhold; DEY Randy; SAURY Didier
JRC1006682016HYMEP The Model Evaluation Protocol for CFD analysis of hydrogen safety issuesBARALDI Daniele; MELIDEO DANIELE; KOTCHOURKO Alexei; REN Ken; YANEZ Jorge; JEDICKE Olaf; KEENAN James; MAKAROV Dmitriy; MOLKOV Vladimir; GIANNISSI Stella; TOLIAS Ilias; VENETSANOS Alexander; COLDRICK Simon; SLATER Shane; VERBECKE Frank; DUCLOS Audrey
JRC1011342016A global stocktake of the Paris pledges: Implications for energy systems and economyVANDYCK TOON; KERAMIDAS KIMON; SAVEYN Bert; KITOUS ALBAN GABRIEL; VRONTISI ZOI
JRC1006672016Numerical investigation of the gas concentration field during accidental release in a one vent small enclosure: effect of vent configurationsMELIDEO DANIELE; BARALDI Daniele
JRC1027032016AirSensEUR: and open data/software/hardware multi-sensor platform for air quality monitoring: Part B: Host, influx datapush and assembling of AirSensEURGERBOLES Michel; SPINELLE LAURENT; SIGNORINI Marco; KOTSEV ALEXANDER
JRC1006352016Universal access to electricity in Burkina Faso: scaling-up renewable energy technologiesMONER GIRONA Magda; BODIS Katalin; HULD Thomas; KOUGIAS IOANNIS; SZABO Sandor
JRC800992013Solar buildings in Austria: Methodology to assess the potential for optimal PV deploymentZEYRINGER MARIANNE; GAGO DA CAMARA SIMOES SOFIA; MAYR Dieter; SCHMID Erwin; SCHMIDT Johannes; WORRELL Ernst; LIND Jon