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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
16-Apr-20142014Discussion of “Method to Cope with Zero Flows in Newton Solvers for Water Distribution Systems” by Nikolai B. Gorev, Inna F. Kodzhespirov, Yuriy Kovalenko, Eugenio Prokhorov, and Gerardo TrapagaBRKIC DEJAN
11-Apr-20142014Comparison assessment of BIPV façade semi-transparent modules: further insights on human comfort conditionsPOLO LOPEZ Cristina; SANGIORGI MARCO
11-Apr-20142014Methodology for the assessment of compliance with knowledge sharing requirements for NER 300 projectsUIHLEIN ANDREAS
10-Apr-20142014“No free lunch” Theorems Applied to the Calibration of Traffic Simulation ModelsCIUFFO BIAGIO; PUNZO VINCENZO
10-Apr-20142014An Experimental Methodology for Measuring of Aerodynamic Resistances of Heavy Duty Vehicles in the Framework of European CO2 Emissions Monitoring SchemeFONTARAS GEORGIOS; DILARA Panagiota; BERNER Michael; VOLKERS Theo; KIES Antonius; REXEIS Martin; HAUSBERGER Stefan
10-Apr-20142014Modeling and Validation of Lithium-Ion Battery based on Electric Vehicle MeasurementSIMIC Dragan; DVORAK Dominique; LACHER Hannes; KUEHNELT Helmut; PAFFUMI Elena; DE GENNARO MICHELE
10-Apr-20142014Experimental Investigation of the Energy Efficiency of an Electric Vehicle in Different Driving ConditionsDE GENNARO MICHELE; PAFFUMI Elena; MARTINI Giorgio; MANFREDI URBANO; SCHOLZ Harald; LACHER Hannes; KUEHNELT Helmut; SIMIC Dragan
31-Mar-20142014The 2012 European GreenLight Programme EvaluationTRENEV GUEORGUI; BERTOLDI PAOLO
28-Mar-20142014Hydrogen tank first filling experiments at the JRC-IET GasTeF facilityORTIZ CEBOLLA RAFAEL; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz; MORETTO Pietro; FRISCHAUF Norbert; HARSKAMP Frederik; BONATO CHRISTIAN; BARALDI Daniele
28-Mar-20142014CFD model performance benchmark of fast filling simulations of hydrogen tanks with pre-coolingMELIDEO DANIELE; BARALDI Daniele; GALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; ORTIZ CEBOLLA RAFAEL; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz; MORETTO Pietro
27-Mar-20142014Assessment of CFD models for hydrogen fast filling simulationsGALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; PAPANIKOLAOU EFTHYMIA; HEITSCH Matthias; BARALDI Daniele; ACOSTA IBORRA Beatriz; MORETTO Pietro
27-Mar-20142014GIS-driven analysis of e-mobility in urban areas: An evaluation of the impact on the electric energy gridDE GENNARO MICHELE; PAFFUMI Elena; SCHOLZ Harald; MARTINI Giorgio
26-Mar-20142014WELL-TO-WHEELS Report version 4.a : JEC WELL-TO-WHEELS ANALYSISEDWARDS Robert; HASS Heinz; LARIVE' Jean-Francois; LONZA Laura; MAAS Heiko; RICKEARD David
25-Mar-20142014Cost and well-to-wheel implications of the vehicle fleet CO2 emission regulation in the European UnionTHIEL CHRISTIAN; SCHMIDT Johannes; VAN ZYL Arnold; SCHMID Erwin
25-Mar-20142013Gaussian process metamodels for the sensitivity analysis of traffic simulation models. Case study of Aimsun mesoscopic model.CIUFFO BIAGIO; CASAS Jordi; MONTANINO Marcello; PERARNAU Josep; PUNZO VINCENZO
21-Mar-20142014Evolution, Opportunities, and Critical Issues for Pan-European TransmissionBOMPARD ETTORE; FULLI Gianluca; ARDELEAN MIRCEA; MASERA Marcelo
20-Mar-20142013Spectral Mismatch Effect to the Open-circuit Voltage in the Indoor Characterization of Multi-junction Thin-film Photovoltaic ModulesPRAVETTONI Mauro; VIRTUANI Alessandro; KELLER Kerstin; APOLLONI Marco; MUELLEJANS Harald
20-Mar-20142014Investigations on the distribution of air transport trafic and CO2 emissions within the European UnionALONSO Gustavo; BENITO Arturo; LONZA Laura; KOUSOULIDOU MARINA
20-Mar-20142013Influence of Different Techniques on Biomethane SustainabilityBOULAMANTI AIKATERINI; DONIDA MAGLIO Sara; GIUNTOLI JACOPO; AGOSTINI ALESSANDRO
18-Mar-20142014Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan Roadmap on Education and TrainingGEORGAKAKI Aliki; VON ESTORFF Ulrik; PETEVES EFSTATHIOS
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1912


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