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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
17-Nov-20142014A Hybrid Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm: Application on Hydropower in Central Vietnam.KOUGIAS IOANNIS; HO Van Hoa; KIM Joong Hoon
17-Nov-20142014Involving the citizens. Radioactive waste management and the EUFERRARO GIANLUCA
17-Nov-20142014Biomethane: Status and Factors Affecting Market Development and TradeTHRÄN Daniela; PERSSON Tobias; DANIEL-GROMKE Jaqueline; PONITKA Jens; SEIFFERT Michael; BALDWIN John; KRANZL Lukas; SCHIPFER Fabian; MATZENBERGER Julian; DEVRIENDT Nathalie, et al
17-Nov-20142014EU assistance to Ukraine in the last ten yearsBATANDJIEVA BORISLAVA; FARRAR Brian; DAURES Pascal; MAIER Eddie
17-Nov-20142014The process of Eco-innovationsMALFETTANI STEFANO; VAN GROOTVELD GEERT; LINDVALL Susanna
17-Nov-20142014Techno-economic Assessment of Carbon Utilisation Potential in EuropePEREZ FORTES MARIA DEL MAR; BOCIN DUMITRIU ANDREI; TZIMAS Evangelos
17-Nov-20142014Conclusions on severe accident research prioritiesKLEIN-HESSLING Walter; SONNENKALB M; JACQUEMAIN D.; CLEMENT B.; RAIMOND E; DIMMELMEIER H.; AZARIAN G.; DUCROS G.; JOURNEAU C.; HERRANZ PUEBLA L.e., et al
17-Nov-20142014Engine Exhaust Solid Sub-23 nm Particles: I. Literature SurveyGIECHASKIEL Barouch; MANFREDI URBANO; MARTINI Giorgio
17-Nov-20142014Engine Exhaust Solid Sub-23 nm Particles: II. Feasibility Study for Particle Number Measurement SystemsGIECHASKIEL Barouch; MARTINI Giorgio
17-Nov-20142014Developing a Harmony-based Optimization Toolbox: Application on renewable energy production.KOUGIAS IOANNIS; KARAKATSANIS Diamantis; MALATRAS APOSTOLOS; THEODOSSIOU Nicolaos
14-Nov-20142014Tensile, Embrittlement and Creep Property Determination with Improved Small Punch Testing Equipment and Assessment MethodsHOLMSTROM BJORN; HAEHNER Peter; RIPPLINGER Stefan; FISCHER Burkhard; LAPETITE Jean-Marc; BRUCHHAUSEN MATTHIAS; GUPTA MOHITA; HURST Roger Christopher; TURBA Krystof; GULCIMEN Betul
14-Nov-20142014A review of factors affecting environmental and economic life-cycle performance for electrically-driven heat pumpsVELLEI MARIKA
14-Nov-20142015Emissions of modern light duty ethanol flex-fuel vehicles over different operating and environmental conditionsDARDIOTIS CHRISTOS; FONTARAS GEORGIOS; MAROTTA Alessandro; MARTINI Giorgio; MANFREDI URBANO
13-Nov-20142014Impact of Selective Catalytic Reduction on Exhaust Particle Formation over Excess Ammonia EventsAMANATIDIS Stavros; NTZIACHRISTOS Leonidas; GIECHASKIEL Barouch; BERGMANN Alexander; SAMARAS Zissis
5-Nov-20142014Chapter 2. Data collection techniquesAUBERLET Jean-Michel; BHASKAR Ashish; CIUFFO BIAGIO; FARAH Hanin; HOOGENDOORN Raymond; LEONHARDT Axel
4-Nov-20142014Increasing synergies between institutions and technology developers: Lessons from marine energyCORSATEA TEODORA
4-Nov-20142014Chapter 6. Network model calibration studiesTOLEDO Tomer; KOLECHKINA Tanya; WAGNER Peter; CIUFFO BIAGIO; LIMA AZEVEDO Carlos; MARZANO Vittorio; FLOTTEROD Gunnar
21-Oct-20142013Implementation of thermodynamic properties of lead in the TRACE system code towards its integration in a full-scope platform for safety assessmentsLAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; TUCEK Kamil; AMMIRABILE Luca; MARTORELL S.; VERDU G.
21-Oct-20142014Chapter 4 : Calibration and validation principlesBUISSON Christine; DAAMEN Winnie; PUNZO VINCENZO; WAGNER Peter; MONTANINO Marcello; CIUFFO BIAGIO
21-Oct-20142013Development of a three-dimensional thermohydraulic-neutronic coupling scheme for transient analysis of liquid metal cooled fast reactor technologies using the system code TRACE-PARCSLAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; STANISZ PRZEMYSLAW STANISLAW; AMMIRABILE Luca; TSIGE-TAMIRAT Haileyesus; MARTORELL S.; VERDU G.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 2067


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