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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
17-Mar-20142014Mitigating the environmental impacts of milk production via anaerobic digestion of manure: Case study of a dairy farm in the Po ValleyBATTINI Ferdinando; AGOSTINI ALESSANDRO; BOULAMANTI AIKATERINI; GIUNTOLI JACOPO; AMADUCCI Stefano
14-Mar-20142014Does controlled electric vehicle charging substitute cross-border transmission capacity?VERZIJLBERGH Remco; BRANCUCCI CARLO; LUKSZO Zofia; DE VRIES Laurens
7-Mar-20142014Smart grid opportunities and applications in TurkeyCOLAK ILHAMI; BAYINDIR Ramazan; FULLI Gianluca; TEKIN Ibrahim; DEMIRTAS Kenan; COVRIG CATALIN-FELIX
7-Mar-20142013Assessment of commercial micro-machined hydrogen sensors performance metrics for safety sensing applicationsEL MATABOULY Hatem; DOMINGUE Frederic; PALMISANO VALERIO; BRETT Lois; POST Matthew; RIVKIN Carl; BURGESS Robert; BUTTNER William
5-Mar-20142014International transport of captured CO2: Who can gain and how much?MORBEE JORIS
26-Feb-201420142013 JRC wind status report: Technology, market and economic aspects of wind energy in EuropeLACAL ARANTEGUI ROBERTO
18-Feb-20142014Using small punch test data to determine creep strain and strength reduction properties for heat affected zonesHOLMSTRÖM Stefan; AUERKARI Pertti; HURST Roger Christopher; BLAGOEVA Darina
18-Feb-20142014Effect of rapeseed methylester blending on diesel passenger car emissions – Part 1: Regulated pollutants, NO/NOx ratio and particulate emissionsFONTARAS GEORGIOS; KALOGIROU Maria; GRIGORATOS THEODOROS; PISTIKOPOULOS Panagiotis; SAMARAS Zissis; ROSE Kenneth D.
18-Feb-20142014In-use vs. type-approval fuel consumption of current passenger cars in EuropeNTZIACHRISTOS Leonidas; MELLIOS Giorgos; TSOKOLIS D.; KELLER Mario; HAUSBERGER Stefan; LIGTERINK N.e.; DILARA Panagiota
5-Feb-20142011Annual Report 2010 - Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux ReactorD'AGATA Elio; FUETTERER Michael; MOSS Raymond; OHMS Carsten; CHARLTON Kevin; HANIA Ralph; HEGEMAN J.b.j.w.; KLAASSEN F.; LUZGNIVA N.; VAN TIL S., et al
5-Feb-20142010Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux Reactor - Annual Report 2009D'AGATA Elio; FUETTERER Michael; NIEVAART Sander; OHMS Carsten; MANTEN JAN; CHARLTON Kevin; DE GROOT Sander; HANIA Ralph; HEGEMAN J.b.j.w.; KLAASSEN F., et al
4-Feb-20142013Metadata - Geospatial data layers provided for the Global Atlas of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)BODIS Katalin
3-Feb-20142013The social dimension of Smart Grids: Consumer, community, societyMENGOLINI Anna Maria; VASILJEVSKA JULIJA
31-Jan-20142014Traffic Simulation: Case for guidelinesANTONIOU Constantinos; BARCELÒ Jaume; BRACKSTONE Mark; CELIKOGLU Hilmi; CIUFFO BIAGIO; PUNZO VINCENZO; SYKES Pete; TOLEDO Tomer; VORTISCH Peter; WAGNER Peter, et al
30-Jan-20142013Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Action at the City Level: The Hungarian ExperienceCZAKO VERONIKA
30-Jan-20142013Pre-qualification of cladding materials for SCWR fuel qualification testing facility – stress corrosion cracking testingJANIK PREMYSL; NOVOTNY Radek; NILSSON Karl-Fredrik; SIEGL J; HAUSILD P
29-Jan-20142012A European Roadmap on Materials for Nuclear Energy TechnologyFAZIO Concetta; BUCKTHORPE Derek; HEIKINHEIMO Liisa; HOFFELNER Wolfgang; VAN DER LAAN Jaap; NILSSON Karl-Fredrik; SCHUSTER Frédéric
28-Jan-20142013Characterisation of electrical energy storage technologiesLOPES FERREIRA HELDER MIGUEL; GARDE Raquel; FULLI Gianluca; KLING Wil; PECAS LOPES Joao
27-Jan-20142014Performance Verification of a High-Intensity Flash Solar Simulator and the Impact of Using Spectrally Mismatched Reference Devices for CalibrationNORTON MATTHEW; GALLEANO Roberto; KENNY Robert
Showing results 21 to 40 of 1912


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