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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
12-Jun-20142014Analysis of events related to cracks and leaks in the reactor coolant pressure boundaryBALLESTEROS AVILA ANTONIO; SANDA RADIAN; PEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL; ZERGER BENOÎT; NEGRI Patrice; WENKE Rainer
12-Jun-20142014Statistical analysis of events related to emergency diesel generators failures in the nuclear industryKANCEV DUSKO; DUCHAC Alexander; ZERGER BENOÎT; MAQUA Michael; WATTRELOS Didier
11-Jun-20142014Replicable Measures from Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) of UkraineGABRIELAITIENE IRENA; MELICA GIULIA; KONA ALBANA; BERTOLDI PAOLO
11-Jun-20142014Bioenergy deployment in the Danube Region - Current status and progress according to National Renewable Energy Action PlansBANJA MANJOLA; SCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; MOTOLA VINCENZO; BODIS Katalin
10-Jun-20142014Impact of fuels and exhaust aftertreatment systems on the unregulated emissions from mopeds, light and heavy-duty vehiclesCLAIROTTE MICHAEL; ASTORGA-LLORENS Maria
10-Jun-20142014Theory to practice: global sensitivity analysis of the Aimsun meso modelCIUFFO BIAGIO; CASAS Jordi; MONTANINO Marcello; PERARNAU Josep; PUNZO VINCENZO
5-Jun-20142014WELL-TO-TANK Report version 4.a: JEC WELL-TO-WHEELS ANALYSISEDWARDS Robert; LARIVE' Jean-Francois; RICKEARD David; WEINDORF Werner; GODWIN Simon; HASS Heinz; KRASENBRINK Alois; LONZA Laura; MAAS Heiko; NELSON Robin, et al
5-Jun-20142014Evaluation of the European status towards the achievement of nearly zero energy buildings (nZEBs)D'AGOSTINO DELIA; BERTOLDI PAOLO
4-Jun-20142013Do African and European energy stakeholders agree on key energy drivers in Africa? Using Q methodology to understand perceptions on energy access debatesNJIRAMBO MATINGA Margaret; PINEDO PASCUA IRENE; VERVAEKE JONATHAN; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; SZABO Sandor
4-Jun-20142014Technological capabilities for innovation activities across Europe: Evidence from wind, solar and bioenergy technologiesCORSATEA TEODORA
4-Jun-20142014Uncertainty management in traffic modellingCIUFFO BIAGIO; PUNZO VINCENZO
4-Jun-20142014Dealing with cracks and leaks in a primary circuitSANDA RADIAN; PEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL; WENKE Rainer; NEGRI Patrice
4-Jun-20142014Replicable Measures for Eastern Partnership citiesGABRIELAITIENE IRENA; MELICA GIULIA; ZANCANELLA PAOLO; BERTOLDI PAOLO
4-Jun-20142014European type-approval test procedure for evaporative emissions from passenger cars against real-world mobility data from two Italian provincesMARTINI Giorgio; PAFFUMI Elena; DE GENNARO MICHELE; MELLIOS Giorgos
4-Jun-20142014Development of a Full Layer Pore-Scale Model for the Simulation of Electro-Active Material Used in Power SourcesKRISTON AKOS; PFRANG Andreas; POPOV B.n.; BRETT Lois
4-Jun-20142014A systemic approach to assessing energy security in a low-carbon EU energy systemGRACCEVA FRANCESCO; ZENIEWSKI PETER
4-Jun-20142014Paths Toward Smart Energy: A Framework for Comparison of the EU and China Energy PolicyHAN Bei; BOMPARD ETTORE; PROFUMO Francesco; XIA Qing
4-Jun-20142013New electricity grids must develop in syncBOMPARD ETTORE; MASERA Marcelo; NUTTALL William
4-Jun-20142013Market-Based Control in Emerging Distribution System OperationBOMPARD ETTORE; HAN Bei
4-Jun-20142014Effects of alkylate fuel on exhaust emissions and secondary aerosol formation of a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke scooterZARDINI ALESSANDRO; PLATT Stephen; CLAIROTTE Michael; HADDAD Imad; TEMIME-ROUSSEL Brice; MARCHAND Nicholas; JEZEK Irena; DRINOVEC Luka; MOCNIK Grisa; SLOWIK Jay, et al
Showing results 41 to 60 of 1989


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