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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1068762018Grey seal predation mortality on three depleted stocks in the West of Scotland: What are the implications for stock assessments?TRIJOULET VANESSA; HOLMES STEVEN; COOK ROBIN
JRC917832017The high-temperature heat capacity of the (Th,U)O2 and (U,Pu)O2 solid solutionsVALU OCTAVIAN; BENES ONDREJ; MANARA DARIO; KONINGS RUDY; COOPER MICHAEL W.D.; GRIMES R. W.; GUENEAU CHRISTINE
JRC1096672018Design of a ventilation system coupled with a Horizontal Air-Ground Heat Exchanger (HAGHE) for a residential building in a warm climateBAGLIVO CRISTINA; D'AGOSTINO DELIA; CONGEDO PAOLO MARIA
JRC1084702018Hydrogen refuelling stations in the Netherlands: An intercomparison of quantitative risk assessments used for permittingHONSELAAR MICHEL; PASAOGLU GUZAY; MARTENS ADWIN
JRC1106222018Land fragmentation and production diversification: A case study from rural AlbaniaCIAIAN PAVEL; FATMIR GURI; RAJCANIOVA MIROSLAVA; DRABIK DUSAN; GOMEZ Y PALOMA SERGIO
JRC1125732018One-log call iterative solution of the Colebrook equation for flow friction based on Padé polynomialsPRAKS PAVEL; BRKIC DEJAN
JRC1028102018Use and acceptance of AOPs for regulatory applicationsWITTWEHR CLEMENS
JRC1064392017Thermal expansion of the nuclear fuel-sodium reaction product Na3(U0.84(2),Na0.16(2))O4 - Structural mechanism and comparison with related sodium-metal ternary oxidesILLY MARIE-CLAIRE; SMITH ANNA; WALLEZ G; RAISON PHILIPPE; CACIUFFO ROBERTO; KONINGS RUDY
JRC1013672016Thermodynamic assessment of the neptunium-oxygen system: mass spectrometric studies and thermodynamic modellingSMITH ANNA; COLLE JEAN-YVES; BENES ONDREJ; KONINGS RUDY; SUNDMAN B.; GUENEAU CHRISTINE
JRC980292016Structural properties and charge distribution of the sodium uranium, neptunium and plutonium ternary oxides: a combined X-ray diffraction and XANES study.SMITH ANNA; MARTIN PHILIPPE; PRIEUR DAMIEN; SCHEINOST ANDREAS; RAISON PHILIPPE; CHEETHAM ANTHONY; KONINGS RUDY