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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC928832014Public ICT R&D funding in the European UnionSTANCIK JURAJ; ROHMAN IBRAHIM KHOLILUL
JRC920842014Boosting the EU's Attractiveness to International R&D Investments: What Matters? What Works?HERVAS SORIANO FERNANDO; SIEDSCHLAG IULIA; TUEBKE Alexander
JRC755752013Conservation when landowners have bargaining power: Continuous conservation investments and cost uncertaintyLENNOX Gareth D; GASTON Kevin J.; ACS SZVETLANA; DALLIMER Martin; HANLEY Nick; ARMSWORTH Paul R.
JRC908162014Governance, agricultural intensification, and land sparing in tropical South AmericaCEDDIA Michele Graziano; BARDSLEY N. O.; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; SEDLACEK S
JRC922412014The ICT Landscape in Brazil, India and ChinaSIMON Jean-Paul
JRC925582014Commodity Market Development in Europe – Outlook Workshop 2014. ProceedingsSUTA Cornelia-Madalina; ARAUJO ENCISO SERGIO RENÉ; PEREZ DOMINGUEZ Ignacio; FELLMANN THOMAS; SANTINI Fabien
JRC928292014Synergies between EU R&I Funding Programmes. Policy Suggestions from the Launching Event of the Stairway to Excellence ProjectELENA PÉREZ SUSANA; CONTE Andrea; HARRAP NICHOLAS
JRC858942014Improving speed and frequency in the European rail system: Impact on accessibility and welfareROTOLI FRANCESCO; CHRISTIDIS Panayotis; NAVAJAS CAWOOD Elena; LÓPEZ RUIZ HÉCTOR GUILLERMO; VANNACCI LORENZO
JRC728442012FSSIM-Dev, a bio-economic farm household model for agri-food policy analysis: application to Smallholders in Sierra LeoneELOUHICHI KAMEL; ALLEN Thomas; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; FLICHMAN Guillermo
JRC906952014Genetic patents in plant biotechnologyJONKERS KOEN; MARTINEZ-GARCIA Catalina