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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
27-Aug-20142013To which extent are counter-cyclical payments more distorting than single farm payments? Evidence from a farm household modelMARY SÉBASTIEN
27-Aug-20142014Ecodesign for Commercial Refrigeration: preparatory study updateMOONS HANS; VILLANUEVA KRZYZANIAK Alejandro; CALERO PASTOR MARIA; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; LABANCA NICOLA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; WOLF Oliver
26-Aug-20142006The Brave New World of Ambient Intelligence: An Analysis of Scenarios Regarding Privacy, Identity and Security Issues.FRIEDEWALD Michael; VILDJIOUNAITE Elena; PUNIE YVES; WRIGHT David
26-Aug-20142014Shocks in economic growth = shocking effects for food security?KAVALLARI Aikaterini; FELLMANN THOMAS; GAY Stephan Hubertus
26-Aug-20142013Industry-research co-operation within and across regional boundaries. What does innovation policy add?MARZUCCHI Alberto; ANTONIOLI Davide; MONTRESOR SANDRO
26-Aug-20142012Food Standards and Welfare: General Equilibrium EffectsXIANG Tao; HUANG Jikun; KANCS D'ARTIS; ROZELLE Scott; SWINNEN Johan
22-Aug-20142014Generalized transport costs and index numbers: A geographical analysis of economic and infrastructure fundamentalsZOFÍO Jose L.; CONDECO MELHORADO ANA MARGARIDA; MAROTO-SÁNCHEZ Andrés; GUTIÉRREZ Javier
7-Aug-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: Slovak RepublicBALÁŽ Vladimír
29-Jul-20142012Human capital Composition and Economic Growth at the Regional LevelMANCA FABIO
29-Jul-20142014Internationalisation of Firms and their Innovation and ProductivitySIEDSCHLAG IULIA; ZHANG Xiaoheng
24-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: SwedenHALLONSTEN Olof
24-Jul-20142014Agricultural landscapes as multi-scale public good and the role of the Common Agricultural PolicyLEFEBVRE MARIANNE; ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; PIORR Annette; ZASADA Ingo
24-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: PortugalGODINHO Manuel Miro; CORADO SIMÕES Vítor
23-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: IrelandMARTIN Tom
23-Jul-20142014European farmers' intentions to invest in 2014-2020: survey resultsLEFEBVRE MARIANNE; DE CUYPER Kim; LOIX Ellen; VIAGGI Davide; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
22-Jul-20142014Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors: Impact Assessment Framework - Main ReportMISURACA GIANLUCA; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara; TORRECILLAS CARO MARIA CRISTINA
22-Jul-20142014Capitalization of the Single Payment Scheme into Land Value: Generalized Propensity Score Evidence from the EUMICHALEK Jerzy; CIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS
21-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: BelgiumCINCERA Michele
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: EstoniaRUTTAS-KÜTTIM Ruuta
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: Czech RepublicSRHOLEC Martin
Showing results 21 to 40 of 1615


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