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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: CroatiaŠVARC Jadranka
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: FinlandKONNOLA Totti
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: SpainFERNANDEZ-ZUBIETA Ana
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: DenmarkGRIMPE Christoph
18-Jul-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: Czech RepublicSRHOLEC Martin
11-Jul-20142014The Role of Science Parks in Smart Specialisation Strategies S3 Policy Brief Series No. 08/2014NAUWELAERS Claire; KLEIBRINK ALEXANDER; STANCOVA Katerina
7-Jul-20142013A framework for assessing innovation collaboration partners and its application to BRICsNEPELSKI DANIEL; DE PRATO GIUDITTA
30-Jun-20142014Workshop on public-private partnerships in plant breeding. ProceedingsLUSSER MARIA
26-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: AustriaCUNTZ Alexander
26-Jun-20142014Best Practice Documents for coexistence of genetically modified crops with conventional and organic farming. 2. Monitoring efficiency of coexistence measures in maize crop productionRIZOV IVELIN ILIEV; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
26-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Report 2012: IsraelGARCIA Abraham
18-Jun-20142013The European Coexistence Bureau: 5 years' experienceRIZOV IVELIN ILIEV; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
13-Jun-20142014Proceedings of a Workshop on "Nanotechnology for the agricultural sector: from research to the field"PARISI CLAUDIA; VIGANI MAURO; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
11-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: LatviaUBELIS Arnolds
11-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: PolandKLINCEWICZ Krzysztof
6-Jun-20142014International Protection of ICT Intellectual Property and Internationalization of ICT R&DDE PRATO GIUDITTA; NEPELSKI DANIEL
4-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: RomaniaGHEORGHIU Radu
4-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Report 2012: IcelandSIGURÐSSON Snorri Björn
4-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: AlbaniaPRECI Zef; NARAZANI Jonida
4-Jun-20142014ERAWATCH Country Reports 2012: FranceSCHOEN Antoine; CARAT Gerard; DOUSSINEAU MATHIEU
Showing results 21 to 40 of 1576


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