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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
26-Jun-20012001Integrating Spaceborne SAR Imagery into Operational Systems for Fisheries Monitoring.KOURTI Naouma; SHEPHERD Iain maxwe ll; SCHWARTZ Guillermo; PAVLAKIS Petros
26-Jun-20012001How Frequent Are Major Industrial Accidents in Europe?KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
26-Jun-20012001Base Isolation for Retrofitting Historic Buildings: Evaluation of Seismic Performance through Experimental Investigation.DE LUCA Antonello; MELE Elena; MOLINA Javier; VERZELETTI Guido; PINTO A. v.
26-Jun-20012002FT-IR Study of the Kinetics and Products of the Reactions of Dimethylsulphide, Dimethylsulphoxide, Dimethylsulphone with Br and BrO.BALLESTEROS Barnabe; JENSEN Niels roland; HJORTH Jens liengaard
26-Jun-20012002Calorimetry, a Tool for Assessing Microbial Activity under Aerobic and Anoxic Conditions.AULENTA F.; BASSANI Carlo; LIGTHART Jacobus; MAJONE M.; TILCHE Andrea
26-Jun-20012001Vibration-Based Damage Assessment in Steel Frames Using Neural Networks.ZAPICO J.l.; WORDEN Keith; MOLINA Javier
26-Jun-20012001Intracellular Vesicular Trafficking in the Gill Epithelium of Urea-Excreting Fish.LAURENT Philippe; WOOD Chris m.; WANG Y.x.; PERRY Steve, f.; GILMOUR K.m.; PART Peeter; CHEVALIER C.; WEST M.; WALSH P. j.
26-Jun-20012001Working Group on Calibration and Validation Activities in 2000.BELWARD Alan steven
25-Jun-20012001Cyclic Test on a Large-Scale Model of an Existing Short Bridge Pier (Warth Bridge - Pier A70)PINTO A.v.; MOLINA J.; TSIONIS Georgios
25-Jun-20012001Pseudodynamic Tests on a 4-Storey RC Dual Frame BuildingTSIONIS Georgios; NEGRO Paolo; MOLINA Javier; COLOMBO Antonella
10-May-20012001Comparison of Dissipation Rates Measured by the FLY and MST Profilers during the PROVESS NNS Experiment.STIPS Adolf; RIPPETH Tom; PRANDTKE H.
10-May-20012001Observations of Stratified Turbulence Depending on the Different Wind, Strtification and Shear Scenarios.LILOVER Madis-jaak; HUTTULA T.; LAANEMETS J.; PAVELSON J.; STIPS Adolf
8-May-20012001The Use of Aquatic Moss (Fontinalis antipyretica) as Monitor of Contamination in Standing and Running Waters. Limits and Advantages.CENCI R.m.
8-May-20012001The European Soil Information System (EUSIS) and its Application in the Regio TriRhena.MONTANARELLA Luca; WINTER Rudolf
8-May-20012001Confidence and Confidentiality: Stimulating e-Commerce in Europe.WILIKENS Marc andre
7-May-20012001Diesel Engines Particulates Formation. A State of the ArtMAHIEU Vincent
18-Apr-20012001Monitoring of Tropical Vegetation Fires and Their Impact on Land Cover, Using Remote Sensing TechniquesEVA Hugh douglas
18-Apr-20012001Simulating Turbulence Dynamics during the Thermocline Breakdown in the Northern North Sea.BURCHARD Hans; BOLDING KRISTENSEN Karsten; RIPPETH Tom; SIMPSON J. h.; STIPS Adolf; SUNDERMANN Juergen
18-Apr-20012001Observed and Simulated Turbulent Dissipation Rates during Strong Tidal Conditions.BOLDING KRISTENSEN Karsten; BURCHARD Hans; STIPS Adolf
17-Apr-20012001Un Contributo all'Analisi dell'Errore nel Contesto della DisabilitĂ  Psichica: Studio dell'Interfaccia Utente di un Software DidatticoROSSANO Simona
Showing results 21 to 40 of 2424


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