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dc.description.abstractThis technical report presents the composite model of the Global Conflict Risk Index, used to give an insight into the contributing factors of conflict at country level. This release features the data sources, the characteristics of the data, the model computing it, and the results, with the objective of improving the documentation on the variables and on the composite model. A reliable data management system is presented, which combines the data from various sources and imputes missing data. Specific statistical methods (numerical classification, imputation, linear and log rescaling and arithmetic mean) are then used so as to obtain the final index score for each country, integrated in country profiles. While the focus is on presenting the current composite model, as well as the optimization effort which took place during the course of 2017, the present report also touches on the potential for improvements with regard to specific aspects of the model input and execution. This document focuses on the variables included in the GCRI and their influences on the composite model. For details regarding the theoretical framework, please see the previous scientific reports, doi 10.2788/184 and doi 10.2788/705817.en_GB
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dc.titleConflict Risk Indicators: Significance and Data Management in the Global Conflict Risk Indexen_GB
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