Title: eGovernment Research in the EU, Overview Report
Publisher: Vinnova
Publication Year: 2007
JRC N°: JRC37436
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC37436
Type: Books
Abstract: This report integrates the main results of Work Package 3 of the eGOVERNET project: "Building a knowledge service on eGovernment research programmes". The main objective of the eGOVERNET project is to coordinate the creation of national eGovernment RTD programmes and initiatives while also encouraging the integration of existing national eGovernment programmes. The objective of this specific deliverable is to present an integrated view of how eGovernment research is funded in the European Research Area, at national and regional level. The authors first carried out a survey of research programmes on eGovernment in each country of the European Research Area, using several data collection methods. A cross analysis was then carried out to provide an overview of the main features of these programmes. For this purpose, a conceptual scheme was developed that identifies eGovernment research as being at the intersection of 3 policy areas: information society policies, public administration policies, and research policies. Furthermore, three categories of programmes were identified: those dedicated only, or mainly, to eGovernment research, those that explicitly indicate eGovernment as a research priority, and those where eGovernment is a potential research priority within other priorities. The results show that eGovernment research is funded through fragmented funding streams, generally belonging to research programmes in the field of IST applications, but also within programmes for eGovernment implementation. Only 4 dedicated research programmes were found. While eGovernment is indicated as being the main priority for research in IST applications, actual funding of eGovernment research programmes is less than 1% of spending in eGovernment implementation programmes. However, alternative funding instruments, such as public procurement and institutional funding, are important. The key features of the research programmes were then analysed and a gap analysis was carried out to assess to what degree current eGovernment research (described in the report) meets the needs of the stakeholders and programme managers, as collected in Work Package 2 of the eGOVERNET project. The conclusions link to suggested policy options and present recommendations for building on and developing the work carried out in this report. The annexes contain the complete gap analysis, the country fiches, and documentation on three dedicated research programmes.
JRC Directorate:Growth and Innovation

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