Title: Thermodynamic Assessment of the LiF-NaF-ThF4-UF4 System
Citation: JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS vol. 405 no. 2 p. 186-198
Publication Year: 2010
JRC N°: JRC59839
ISSN: 0022-3115
URI: www.elsevier.com/locate/jnucmat
DOI: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2010.08.017
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: A thermodynamic assessment of the LiF-NaF-ThF4-UF4 system is presented in this study. The binary phase diagrams are optimized based on the known experimental data and the excess Gibbs energies of liquid and solid solutions are described using a modified quasi chemical model and polynomial formalism respectively. The higher order systems are extrapolated according to asymmetric Toop mathematical formalism. Based on the developed thermodynamic database the fuel composition of the molten salt fast reactor is optimized. In total three different fuel compositions are identified. Properties of these fuel compositions such as melting point, vapour pressure and the boiling temperature are derived from the obtained thermodynamic assessment and are presented in this study.
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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