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30-Jul-20142011Spatial Delineation of Organic Carbon Rich Colluvial Soils in Chernozem Regions by Terrain Analysis and Fuzzy ClassificationZADOROVA Tereza; PENIZEK VIT; ROHOSKOVA Marcela; SEFRNA Ludek; BORUVKA Lubos
30-Jul-20142014Report of a European survey on the organisation of breast cancer care services - Supporting information for the European Commission initiative on breast cancerLERDA Donata; DEANDREA SILVIA; FREEMAN CRYSTAL; LOPEZ ALCALDE JESUS; NEAMTIU LUCIANA; NICHOLL Ciaran; NICHOLSON Nicholas; ULUTURK ASLI; VILLANUEVA FERRAGUD SILVIA
30-Jul-20142012Spatial interaction between collapsed pipes and landslides in hilly regions with loess-derived soils.VERACHTERT Els; VAN DEN EECKHAUT MIET; POESEN Jean; DECKERS Jozef
30-Jul-20142011Potentials of quantitative and qualitative approaches to assessing ecosystem servicesMALTE Busch; LA NOTTE ALESSANDRA; LAPORTE Valerie; ERHARD Markus
30-Jul-20142010Superresolution Enhancement of Hyperspectral CHRIS/Proba Images With a Thin-Plate Spline Nonrigid Transform ModelKEMPENEERS Pieter
29-Jul-20142009Biological treatment of transformer oil using commercial mixtures of microorganismsSOBIECKA ELZBIETA; CEDZYNSKA Krystyna; BIELSKI CONRAD; ANTIZAR-LADISLAO Blanca
29-Jul-20142014Reliability of electrochemical noise measurements: Results of round-robin testing on electrochemical noiseBOSCH Rik-Wouter; COTTIS Robert A.; CSECS Kinga; DORSCH Thomas; DUNBAR Lucia; HEYN Andreas; HUET Francois; HYÖKYVIRTA Outi; KERNER Zsolt; KOBZOVA Alena, et al
29-Jul-20142014Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux Reactor: Annual Report 2013D'AGATA Elio; OHMS Carsten; LAPETITE Jean-Marc; DEBARBERIS Luigi; VAN DE SANDE Alan; PLASSE J.; BOBELDIJK I.; CHARLTON Kevin; WESTLAKE Jon; PRICKER Caroline, et al
29-Jul-20142014Global sensitivity analysis techniques to simplify the calibration of traffic simulation models. Methodology and application to the IDM car-following modelCIUFFO BIAGIO; PUNZO VINCENZO; MONTANINO Marcello
29-Jul-20142014Internationalisation of Firms and their Innovation and ProductivitySIEDSCHLAG IULIA; ZHANG Xiaoheng
29-Jul-20142012Human capital Composition and Economic Growth at the Regional LevelMANCA FABIO
29-Jul-20142013Performance of Industrial Buildings during the Emilia Earthquakes in Northern Italy and Recommendations for their StrengtheningBOURNAS DIONYSIOS; NEGRO Paolo; TAUCER Fabio
29-Jul-20142014Connecting Digital Europe Through Location and PlaceHUERTA Joaquin; SCHADE SVEN; GRANELL CANUT CARLOS
29-Jul-20142014The susceptibility of corals to thermal stress by analyzing Hsp60 expressionSEVESO Davide; MONTANO Simone; STRONA GIOVANNI; ORLANDI Ivan; GALLI Paolo; VAI Marina
29-Jul-20142014The near future availability of photovoltaic energy in Europe and Africa in climate-aerosol modeling experimentsGAETANI MARCO; HULD Thomas; VIGNATI Elisabetta; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; DOSIO Alessandro; RAES Frank
29-Jul-20142014Remote Sensing of the African SeasBARALE Vittorio; GADE Martin
28-Jul-20142009A New Mass Conservation Approach to the Study of CO2 Advection in an Alpine ForestMONTAGNANI Leonardo; MANCA Giovanni; CANEPA Elisa; GEORGIEVA Emilia; ACOSTA Manuel; FEIGENWINTER Christian; JANOUS Dalibor; KERSCHBAUMER Günther; LINDROTH Anders; MINACH Luigi, et al
28-Jul-20142014Recent advances in the study of the UO2 – PuO2 phase diagram at high temperaturesBÖHLER ROBERT; WELLAND Mike; PRIEUR DAMIEN; CAKIR PELIN; VITOVA T.; PRUESSMANN T.; PIDCHENKO I.; HENNIG C.; GUÉNEAU C.; KONINGS Rudy, et al
28-Jul-20142014Anti-tumour immunity induced after alpha irradiationGORIN J; MENAGER J; GOUARD S.; MAUREL C; GUILLOUX Yannick; FAIVRE-CHAUVET A; MORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; CHEREL M.; DAVODEAU F, et al
28-Jul-20142014Effect of 10B(n, α)7Li irradiation on the structure of a sodium borosilicate glassPEUGET S.; FARES T.; MAUGERI E.; CARABALLO R; CHARPENTIER THIBAULT; MARTEL LAURA; SOMERS Joseph; JANSSEN ARNE; WISS Thierry; ROZENBLUM F., et al
Showing results 1 to 20 of 19320


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