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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
17-Nov-20142014GEOWOW: A framework for multi-disciplinary interoperability of ocean data and systemsCRAGLIA Massimo; NATIVI Stefano
17-Nov-20142015The SOLUTIONS project: Challenges and responses for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources managementBRACK Werner; ALTENBURGER Rolf; SCHÜÜRMANN Gerrit; KRAUSS Martin; LÓPEZ HERRÁEZ David; VAN GILS Jos; SLOBODNIK Jaroslav; MUNTHE John; GAWLIK Bernd; VAN WENZEL Annemarie, et al
17-Nov-20142014Involving the citizens. Radioactive waste management and the EUFERRARO GIANLUCA
17-Nov-20142014Biomethane: Status and Factors Affecting Market Development and TradeTHRÄN Daniela; PERSSON Tobias; DANIEL-GROMKE Jaqueline; PONITKA Jens; SEIFFERT Michael; BALDWIN John; KRANZL Lukas; SCHIPFER Fabian; MATZENBERGER Julian; DEVRIENDT Nathalie, et al
17-Nov-20142014EU assistance to Ukraine in the last ten yearsBATANDJIEVA BORISLAVA; FARRAR Brian; DAURES Pascal; MAIER Eddie
17-Nov-20142014The process of Eco-innovationsMALFETTANI STEFANO; VAN GROOTVELD GEERT; LINDVALL Susanna
17-Nov-20142014Techno-economic Assessment of Carbon Utilisation Potential in EuropePEREZ FORTES MARIA DEL MAR; BOCIN DUMITRIU ANDREI; TZIMAS Evangelos
17-Nov-20142014Conclusions on severe accident research prioritiesKLEIN-HESSLING Walter; SONNENKALB M; JACQUEMAIN D.; CLEMENT B.; RAIMOND E; DIMMELMEIER H.; AZARIAN G.; DUCROS G.; JOURNEAU C.; HERRANZ PUEBLA L.e., et al
17-Nov-20142014Engine Exhaust Solid Sub-23 nm Particles: I. Literature SurveyGIECHASKIEL Barouch; MANFREDI URBANO; MARTINI Giorgio
17-Nov-20142014Engine Exhaust Solid Sub-23 nm Particles: II. Feasibility Study for Particle Number Measurement SystemsGIECHASKIEL Barouch; MARTINI Giorgio
17-Nov-20142014Developing a Harmony-based Optimization Toolbox: Application on renewable energy production.KOUGIAS IOANNIS; KARAKATSANIS Diamantis; MALATRAS APOSTOLOS; THEODOSSIOU Nicolaos
17-Nov-20142014A Hybrid Harmony Search Optimization Algorithm: Application on Hydropower in Central Vietnam.KOUGIAS IOANNIS; HO Van Hoa; KIM Joong Hoon
17-Nov-20142014Connectivity and Security in a D2D Communication Protocol for Public Safety ApplicationsGORATTI Leonardo; STERI GARY; BALDINI Gianmarco; GOMEZ Karina M.
17-Nov-20142014On consistency factors and efficiency of robust S-estimatorsRIANI Marco; CERIOLI Andrea; TORTI Francesca
17-Nov-20142013Multi-target Track-Before-Detect using Labeled Random Finite SetPAPI FRANCESCO; VO Ba-Tuong; BOCQUEL Mélanie; VO Ba-Ngu
17-Nov-20142013Set-membership PHD filterPAPI FRANCESCO; BENAVOLI Alessio
17-Nov-20142013Imag[in]ing geoengineering – the plausible and the implausibleCURVELO DA SILVA CAMPOS ALVES PAULA
17-Nov-20142014Biofuels under the spotlight: The state of assessment and potential for integrationBOUCHER PHILIP; ROBERT Smith; MILLAR Kate
17-Nov-20142014On the usage of Sensor Pattern Noise for Picture-to-Identity linking through social network accountsSATTA RICCARDO; STIRPARO PASQUALE
Showing results 41 to 60 of 20036


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