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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC532382009End-of-Waste CriteriaDELGADO SANCHO Luis; CATARINO Ana Sofia; EDER Peter; LITTEN Donald; LUO Zheng; VILLANUEVA KRZYZANIAK Alejandro
JRC437682008The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU:eGovernment and eHealth in MaltaGASPAR Pal; JAKSA Renata Anna; RESTALL Brian; XUEREB Marisa; OZCIVELEK Rukiye; OSIMO DAVID
JRC599602010Validation of an Analytical Method to Determine the Content of Fumonisins in Baby Food, Breakfast Cereals and Animal FeedSTROKA Joerg; BREIDBACH Andreas; BOUTEN Katrien; KROEGER-NEGOITA KATY; MISCHKE Carsten
JRC552202010Vegetation biophysical variable retrieval using object-based inversion of hyperspectral CHRIS/Proba dataATZBERGER Clement; RICHTER Katja
JRC471312008Targeting resources to students with special educational needs: National differences in policy and practiceDELUCA Marcella; STILLINGS Cara
JRC360892007Sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation for the distributed modeling of infiltration excess overland flowCASTAINGS WILLIAM; DARTUS D.; LE DIMET F.-X.; SAULNIER G.-M.
JRC343422006Computable General Equilibrium Models for Sustainability Impact Assessment: Status Quo and ProspectsLOESCHEL Andreas; BOEHRINGER Christoph
JRC428672008Analysing the Implication of the EU 20-10-20 Targets for World Vegetable Oil ProductionGAY STEPHAN; MUELLER MARC; SANTUCCIO Federica
JRC541192009Review of Learning in Online Networks and CommunitiesALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; PUNIE Yves; FERRARI Anusca
JRC243602003Shaping the Societal Bill: Past and Future Trends in Education, Pensions and Healthcare Expenditure.ZAPPACOSTA Mario; BUSSE Reinhard; WURZBURG Gregory