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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1035662017Sectors and the additionality effects of R&D tax credits: A cross-country microeconometric analysisBODAS FREITAS Isabel; CASTELLACCI Fulvio; FONTANA Roberto; MALERBA Franco; VEZZULLI ANDREA
JRC1034122017Green Technologies and environmental Productivity: a cross-sectoral analysis of direct and indirect effects in Italian RegionsGHISETTI CLAUDIA; QUATRARO Francesco
JRC1054792017A call to action for better data and better policy evaluation. A briefing on the importance of administrative data for social knowledge and policy evaluation, at Big Data timesDE SOUSA ARROBAS CRATO NUNO PAULO
JRC1049902017Which Aspects of Central Bank Transparency Matter? Ask the forecastersNASZODI ANNA; ERHART SZILARD; CSAVAS Csaba; FELCSER Daniel
JRC1038252017How do tertiary dropouts fare in the labour market? A comparison between EU countriesSCHNEPF SYLKE
JRC1056762017JRC Thematic Report: Science for nuclear safety and securityTAMBORINI Gabriele; BELLAN Emanuela
JRC1060712017Non-ferrous Metals Manufacturing: Vision for 2050 and Actions NeededDESSART FRANÇOIS JACQUES; BONTOUX LAURENT
JRC1045832017In the mental health spotlight: Contribution of behavioural insights to well-being and mental health policiesDESSART FRANÇOIS JACQUES
JRC1054602017Weights and Importance in Composite Indicators: Closing the GapBECKER WILLIAM EDWARD; SAISANA MICHAELA; PARUOLO PAOLO; VANDECASTEELE INE
JRC1012972017Skilled Students and Effective Schools: Reading Achievement in Denmark, Sweden and FranceDINIS MOTA DA COSTA PATRICIA; DE SOUSA LOBO BORGES DE ARAUJO LUISA