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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1075152017Energy consumption and efficiency technology measures in European non-residential buildingsD'AGOSTINO DELIA; CUNIBERTI BARBARA; BERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC1066242017Energy Service Companies in the EU: Status review and recommendations for further market development with a focus on Energy Performance ContractingBOZA-KISS BENIGNA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; ECONOMIDOU MARINA
JRC1066282017How is energy efficiency governed in the EU? Multi-level Governance of Energy Efficiency polices, strategies and targets at EU, National, Regional, and local levelMELICA GIULIA; IANCU ANDREEA; RIVAS CALVETE SILVIA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; KONA ALBANA; ZANCANELLA PAOLO
JRC1066292017Are current policies promoting a change in behaviour, conservation and sufficiency? An analysis of existing policies and recommendations for new and effective policiesBERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC1066302017Why Demand Response is not implemented in the EU? Status of Demand Response and recommendations to allow Demand Response to be fully integrated in energy marketsZANCANELLA PAOLO; BERTOLDI PAOLO; KISS BENIGNA
JRC1066692017The future of Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes in the EUFAWCETT TINA; ROSENOW JAN; BERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC1066252017Practices and opportunities for Energy Performance Contracting in the public sector in EU Member StatesBOZA-KISS BENIGNA; ZANGHERI PAOLO; BERTOLDI PAOLO; ECONOMIDOU MARINA
JRC1075182017Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy: Default emission factors for local emission inventories – Version 2017KOFFI BRIGITTE; CERUTTI ALESSANDRO; DUERR MARLENE; IANCU ANDREEA; KONA ALBANA; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT GREET
JRC1019172017Energy flows and greenhouses gases of EU (European Union) national breads using an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approachNOTARNICOLA BRUNO; TASSIELLI GIUSEPPE; RENZULLI PIETRO A.; MONFORTI-FERRARIO FABIO
JRC1060112017Equity, Emissions Allowance Trading, and the Paris Agreement on Climate ChangeROSE ADAM; WEI DAN; MILLER NOAH; VANDYCK TOON