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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2009JRC52012Atomic-scale Simulation of Soluble Fission Products in UO2DESAI K.; GRIMES R. W.; PARFITT D.; WISS Thierry; VAN UFFELEN PaulBooks
2008JRC47506Greater Tolerance for Nuclear MaterialsGRIMES R. W.; KONINGS Rudy; EDWARDS LyndonArticles in periodicals and books
2018JRC106780High temperature measurements and condensed matter analysis of the thermo-physical properties of ThO2PAVLOV TSVETOSLAV RUMENOV; WANGLE TADEAS; WENMAN MARK; TYRPEKL VACLAV; VLAHOVIC LUKA; ROBBA DAVIDE; VAN UFFELEN PAUL; KONINGS RUDY; GRIMES R. W.Articles in periodicals and books
2017JRC91783The high-temperature heat capacity of the (Th,U)O2 and (U,Pu)O2 solid solutionsVALU OCTAVIAN; BENES ONDREJ; MANARA DARIO; KONINGS RUDY; COOPER MICHAEL W.D.; GRIMES R. W.; GUENEAU CHRISTINEArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC106492Measurement and interpretation of the thermo-physical properties of UO2 at high temperatures: the viral effect of oxygen defectsPAVLOV TSVETOSLAV RUMENOV; WENMAN MARK; VLAHOVIC LUKA; ROBBA DAVIDE; KONINGS RUDY; VAN UFFELEN PAUL; GRIMES R. W.Articles in periodicals and books
2016JRC101434A new numerical method and modified apparatus for the simultaneous evaluation of thermo-physical properties above 1500 K: A case study on isostatically pressed graphitePAVLOV TSVETOSLAV RUMENOV; VLAHOVIC LUKA; STAICU DRAGOS; KONINGS RUDY; WENMAN MARK; VAN UFFELEN PAUL; GRIMES R. W.Articles in periodicals and books
2012JRC68594Swelling due to fission products and additives contained within the uranium dioxide latticeMIDDLEBURGH S.c.; GRIMES R. W.; DESAI K.; BLAIR P.r.; HALLSTADIUS L.; BACKMAN K.; VAN UFFELEN PaulArticles in periodicals and books