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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2012JRC70879MCNPX-PoliMi for Nuclear Nonproliferation ApplicationsPOZZI Sara; CLARKE Shaun D.; WALSH W; MILLER Eric; DOLAN Jennifer; FLASKA M.; WIEGER B.; ENQVIST Andreas; PADOVANI Enrico; MATTINGLY J.k., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC51977Meeting Safeguards Challenges in an Expanding Nuclear WorldPEERANI Paolo; VERSINO CristinaBooks
2012JRC69496Modeling of UF6 Enrichment with Gas Centrifuges for Nuclear Safeguards ActivitiesMERCURIO GIOVANNI; PEERANI Paolo; RICHIR Patrice; JANSSENS Willem; EKLUNDH LarsArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC56443Monte Carlo Modelling of Neutron Coincidence Counting Systems for Nuclear SafeguardsTAGZIRIA Hamid; PEERANI PaoloArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC52515Monte Carlo Modelling of the Guinevere Detector and Fuel Assembly System for Nuclear SafeguardsTAGZIRIA Hamid; PEERANI Paolo; DE BAERE PaulArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC46647Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutron Counters for Safeguard ApplicationsLOOMAN Marc; PEERANI Paolo; TAGZIRIA HamidArticles in periodicals and books
2014JRC94270Need for strengthening Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Safeguards Education to prepare the next generation of experts.BRAUNEGGER-GUELICH Andrea; CRETE Jean Maurice; GARIAZZO Claudio; JANSSENS Willem; PEERANI Paolo; WARD SteveArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC51660Neutron and Gamma-ray Cross-correlation Measurements of Plutonium Oxide PowderCLARKE Shaun D.; FLASKA M.; POZZI Sara; PEERANI PaoloArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC100799Neutron Angular Distribution in Plutonium-240 Spontaneous FissionMARCATH M. J.; SHIN Tony; CLARKE Shaun D.; PEERANI Paolo; POZZI SaraArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC51981Neutron Coincidence Counting with Digital Signal ProcessingBAGI Janos; DECHAMP Luc; DRANSART Pascal; DZBIKOWICZ Zdzislaw; DUFOUR Jean-Luc; HOLZLEITNER Ludwig; HUSZTI Joseph; LOOMAN Marc; MARIN FERRER Montserrat; LAMBERT Thierry, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2010JRC59957Neutron spectroscopy of plutonium oxide using matrix unfolding approachZAK Thomas; CLARKE Shaun D.; BOURNE Mark; POZZI Sara; XU Yunlin; DOWNAR Thomas; PEERANI PaoloArticles in periodicals and books
1998JRC17506(Non-) Proliferation Aspects of Accelerator Driven Systems.MAGILL Joseph; PEERANI Paolo; VAN GEEL JacobusArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC49426Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation - Syllabus of the ESARDA CourseDAURES Pascal; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; PEERANI PaoloBooks
2010JRC61797Nuclear Safeguards R&D and Innovation at the JRCABOUSAHL Said; GONCALVES Joao; AREGBE Yetunde; BERNDT Reinhard; COJAZZI Giacomo; PEERANI Paolo; MAYER Klaus; HEDBERG Magnus; LITTMANN Francois; SEQUEIRA Vitor, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2013JRC73863On the optimisation of the use of He-3 in Radiation Portal MonitorsTOMANIN ALICE; PEERANI Paolo; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT GreetArticles in periodicals and books
2010JRC59522On the Proliferation Issues of a Fusion Fission Fuel Factory Using a Molten SaltVANDERHAEGEN Matthias; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; PEERANI Paolo; POUCET AndreArticles in periodicals and books
2000JRC19144Origin Determination of Plutonium Material in Nuclear Forensics.WALLENIUS Maria; PEERANI Paolo; KOCH LotharArticles in periodicals and books
2015JRC95962Overview of the Cooperative Projects Implemented by the European Commission Joint Research Centre in the Nuclear Security Area Outside EuropePEERANI Paolo; BERTHOU Veronique; JANSSENS Willem; MAYER KlausArticles in periodicals and books
2010JRC58939Performance of an Active Well Coincidence Counter for HEU samplesFERRARI Francesca; PEERANI PaoloArticles in periodicals and books
2014JRC91336Plutonium measurements with a fast-neutron multiplicity counter for nuclear safeguards applicationsDOLAN Jennifer; FLASKA M.; POITRASSON-RIVIERE Alexis; ENQVIST Andreas; PEERANI Paolo; CHICHESTER David; POZZI SaraArticles in periodicals and books