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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2005JRC53641Activation Product Monitors of a Thermonuclear Fusion PlasmaJOHNSTON P.n.; GASPARRO Joël; HULT Mikael; BONHEURE GeorgesArticles in periodicals and books
2002JRC21529Measurement of Low Levels of 26-Al from Meteorite Samples.JOHNSTON P.n.; HULT Mikael; ALTZITZOGLOU TimotheosArticles in periodicals and books
2004JRC27056Measurements of 60Co in Spoons Activated by Neutrons during the JCO Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura in 1999.GASPARRO Joel; HULT Mikael; KOMURA Kazuhisa; ARNOLD D.; HOLMES Leigh; JOHNSTON P.n.; LAUBENSTEIN Matthias; NEUMAIER Stefan; REYSS Jean louis; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter josee, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2000JRC18343Measurements of Activation Induced by Environmental Neutrons Using Ultra Low-Level Gamma-Ray Spectrometry.MARTINEZ CANET M.j.; HULT Mikael; KOHLER M.; JOHNSTON P.n.Articles in periodicals and books
2002JRC20829Thermal Neutron Fluence from Ultra Low Level gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Spoons Activated during JCO Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura in 1999.HULT Mikael; MARTINEZ CANET M.j.; JOHNSTON P.n.; KOMURA KazuhisaArticles in periodicals and books
2001JRC21471Ultra Low-Level gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Human Bone Samples.MARTINEZ CANET M.j.; HULT Mikael; JOHNSTON P.n.; LAMBRICHTS IvoArticles in periodicals and books
2003JRC55124Ultra Sensitive Measurements of Gamma-ray Emitting Radionuclides using HPGe-detectors in the Underground Laboratory HADESHULT Mikael; GASPARRO Joël; JOHANSSON Lena; JOHNSTON P.n.; VASSELLI RobertoArticles in periodicals and books
2003JRC54351Underground Measurements of Environmental Radioactivity: European ExamplesHULT Mikael; GASPARRO Joël; JOHNSTON P.n.; KOEHLER MatthiasArticles in periodicals and books