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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2007JRC42247Chapter 10 - Harmonisation of Indoor Material Emission Labelling SchemesKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KATSOGIANNIS ATHANASIOSArticles in periodicals and books
2008JRC45026Characterization of Urban Inhalation Exposures to Benzene, Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde in the European Union: Comparison of Measured and Modelled Exposure DataBRUINEN DE BRUIN Yuri; KOISTINEN Kimmo; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; GEISS OTMAR; TIRENDI SALVATORE; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOSArticles in periodicals and books
2010JRC58762Common Noise Assessment Methods in EU: CNOSSOS-EU (Part III: Guidance for the competent use for strategic noise mapping purposes)SHILTON SIMON; JONES NIGEL; WERST THOMAS; VAN MAERCKE DIRK; DE VOS P.; ANFOSSO FABIENNE; PAVIOTTI MARCO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOSArticles in periodicals and books
2006JRC35742Comparison Among Environmental Noise Separation TechniquesD'IZARNY-GARGAS Simon; PAVIOTTI MARCO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; MCLACHLAN NeilArticles in periodicals and books
2005JRC34174Confounding or Aggravating Factors in Noise-Induced Health Effects: Air Pollutants and Other StressorsSCHWELA Dietrich; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; PRASHER D.Articles in periodicals and books
2006JRC34304Critical Appraisal of the Setting and Implementation of Indoor Exposure Limits in the EU - the Index ProjectCARRER Paolo; SCHLITT Christian; KOISTINEN KIMMO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; JANTUNEN Matti; MARONI Marco; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOSArticles in periodicals and books
2018JRC111809Current EU research activities on combined exposure to multiple chemicalsBOPP STEPHANIE; BAROUKI ROBERT; BRACK WERNER; DALLA COSTA SILVIA; DORNE JEAN-LOU; DRAKVIK ELINA; FAUST MICHAEL; KARJALAINEN TUOMO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; VAN KLAVEREN JACOB, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2008JRC46203Differences among European Noise Mapping MethodsKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; PAVIOTTI Marco; GERGELY BalazsArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC37570EC Actions on Indoor Air QualityKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; GALLO Giulio; FUCHS Manfred; KARJALAINEN Tuomo; VAN TORGELEN Birgit; ELSBERGER Martin; BOWIE RANDALLArticles in periodicals and books
2006JRC35740Effect on Measured Noise Levels of the Microphone Position in Front of a FacadeMEMOLI Gianluca; PAVIOTTI MARCO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; LICITRA GaetanoArticles in periodicals and books
2014JRC92525Enlargement and Integration Action Training Course: "MONITOR AIR HEALTH": Monitoring and evaluating the health risks from air pollution in buildings including emissions from building materials and consumer productsBARRERO JOSEFA; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; GEISS OTMAR; LEVA PAOLO; REINA VITTORIO; TIRENDI SALVATOREEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2016JRC103078European Indoor Air Monitoring and Exposure Assessment ProjectKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; GEISS OTMAR; REINA VITTORIODatasets
2007JRC37588Evaluation of the Fate of the Active Ingredients of Insecticide Sprays, Used IndoorsLEVA PAOLO; KATSOGIANNIS ATHANASIOS; BARRERO JOSEFA; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOSArticles in periodicals and books
2006JRC36215Evaluation of the Meteorological Uncertainties of the Harmonoise and Imagine Project Noise MeasurementsPAVIOTTI MARCO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; D'IZARNY-GARGAS Simon; KNAUSS Dieter; LICITRA GaetanoArticles in periodicals and books
2014JRC87071Guidelines for healthy environments within European schoolsKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; CSOBOD EVA; BRUINEN DE BRUIN YURI; DE OLIVEIRA FERNANDES EDURADOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2006JRC36229Harmonisation of Indoor Material Emissions Labelling Systems in EU: Inventory of Existing SchemesKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KOISTINEN KIMMO; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOSArticles in periodicals and books
2006JRC35741HARMONOISE & IMAGINE Projects: Synthesis of the Outcome of Long Term Noise MeasurementsLICITRA Gaetano; PAVIOTTI MARCO; IACOPONI Andrea; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOSArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC37930IMAGINE Project: Motorbikes and Scooters Noise Levels as a Function of Type, Speed and AccelerationPAVIOTTI MARCO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; EJSMONT Jerzy; WISIOREK Magda; BAMNIOS YiorgosArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC37562IMAGINE Project: Urban Measurements of Lden and Lnight and Calculation of the Associated UncertaintiesPAVIOTTI MARCO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; JONASSON HansArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC42186Impact of Ozone-initiated Terpene Chemistry on Indoor Air Quality and Human HealthKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOS; KOISTINEN KIMMO; CARSLAW Nicola; CARRER Paolo; FOSSATI Serena; HOFFMANN Thorsten; LANGER Sarka; LARSEN BO; MONN Christian, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports