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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2015JRC91745ACTRIS non-methane hydrocarbon intercomparison experiment in Europe to support WMO-GAW and EMEP observation networksHOEGER Corinene C.; CLAUDE A.; PLASS-DUELMER Christian; REIMANN Stefan; ECKART Elisabeth; STEINBRECHER Rainer; AALTO Juho; ARDUINI Jgor; BONNAIRE Nicolas; CAPE J. N., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC55742Atmospheric Composition Change: Climate-Chemistry InteractionsISAKSEN I.s.a.; BENESTAD R.; RAES Frank; BERNTSEN T.; BOUSQUET Philippe; COLLINS B.; COX A.; DALSOREN S.b.; EYRING V.; GAUSS M., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC55937Atmospheric Composition Change: Ecosystems - Atmosphere InteractionsFOWLER D.; PILEGAARD K.; SUTTON M. A.; AMBUS P.; RAIVONEN M.; DUYZER J.; SIMPSON D.; FAGERLI H.; FUZZI S.; SCHJOERRING J. K., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2018JRC111789Atmospheric monitoring and inverse modelling for verification of greenhouse gas inventoriesBERGAMASCHI PETER; DANILA ANA MARIA; WEISS RAY; CIAIS P.; THOMPSON R. L.; BRUNNER DOMINIK; LEVIN INGEBORG; MEIJER Y; CHEVALLIER FREDERIC; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT GREET, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2016JRC102260Editorial for the "Environmental Science and Policy" special issue, on "Multidisciplinary research findings in support to the EU air quality planning: experiences from the APPRAISAL, SEFIRA and ACCENT-Plus FP7 projects"FUZZI S.; GUARISO Giorgio; MAIONE M.; PISONI ENRICO; VOLTA LuisaArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC55741Measuring Atmospheric Composition ChangeLAJ Paolo; KLAUSEN J.; BILDE M; PLASS-DUELMER C.; PAPPALARDO G.; CLERBAUX Cathy; BALTENSPERGER U.; HJORTH Jens; SIMPSON D.; Reimann S., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC100734Modelling individual preferences for environmental policy drivers: Empirical evidence of Italian lifestyle changes using a latent class approachVALERI EVA; GATTA Valerio; TEOBALDELLI Désirée; POLIDORI Paolo; BARRATT Benjamin; FUZZI Sandro; KAZEPOV Yuri; SERGI Vittorio; WILLIAMS Martin; MAIONE M.Articles in periodicals and books