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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1988JRC4846Advances in the Electrolysis of Tritiated WaterPIERINI Giancarlo; SPELTA Bruno; MAFFI S.; PEREZ G.; POSSAGNO E.Articles in periodicals and books
1987JRC5291Advances in the Electrolysis of Tritiated Water for its Application to a Fusion Plasma Processing PlantPIERINI Giancarlo; SPELTA BrunoEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1991JRC8362Correlation, Analysis and Prediction of Adsorption EquilibriaPIERINI Giancarlo; VIOLA Antonio; MALARA CarloEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1989JRC5082Gas Bubble Nucleation and Tritium Permeation Through Metallic Walls in a Liquid 17LI83Pb BlanketPIERINI Giancarlo; CARTA Renzo; DERNINI Stella; POLCARO Anna maria; TOLA Giuseppe; RICCI P.f.Articles in periodicals and books
1991JRC8160Kinetics of Deuterium Desorption from Pb-17Li EutecticPIERINI Giancarlo; LOLLI CERONI Pier luigiArticles in periodicals and books
1989JRC5672Recent Experimental Results of the Rates of Hydrogen Permeation through Metallic Materials in the Presence of Liquid Pb17Li Alloy. Influence on the Performance and Design of Tritium Recovery EquipmentPIERINI GiancarloArticles in periodicals and books
1990JRC7296Tritium Research and Technology Facilities at the JRC-IspraREITER Friedrich; TOMINETTI Stefano; VASSALLO Gary; DWORSCHAK Heinz; MANNONE Francesco; PIERINI Giancarlo; SPELTA Bruno; GRASSI Giuseppe; VIOLA Antonio; SIMONETTA AldoArticles in periodicals and books