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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2013JRC86298Advances in pan-European flood hazard mappingALFIERI Lorenzo; SALAMON Peter; BIANCHI ALESSANDRA; NEAL J.; BATES Paul; FEYEN LucArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC49507Assessing Parameter, Precipitation, and Predictive Uncertainty in a Distributed Hydrological Model Using Sequential Data Assimilation with the Particle FilterSALAMON Peter; FEYEN LucArticles in periodicals and books
2013JRC86297Assimilation of MODIS snow cover area data in a distributed hydrological modelGUILLAUME Thirel; SALAMON Peter; BUREK PETER ANDREAS; KALAS MilanArticles in periodicals and books
2015JRC97266The benefit of continental flood early warning systems to reduce the impact of flood disastersTHIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; THIEMIG VERA; PAPPENBERGER Florian; REVILLA ROMERO BEATRIZ; SALAMON Peter; DE GROEVE Tom; HIRPA FEYERA AGAEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2008JRC49533A Brief Feasibility Study on the Implementation of the Lakes Routine into EFASSALAMON PeterEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2016JRC102849The credibility challenge for global fluvial flood risk analysisTRIGG Mark; BIRCH Cathryn; NEAL Jeffrey; BATES Paul; SMITH Andrew; SAMPSON Christopher; YAMAZAKI Dai; HIRABAYASHI Yukiko; PAPPENBERGER Florian; DUTRA Emanuel, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2012JRC69423Current water resources in Europe and Africa - Matching water supply and water demandDE ROO Arie; BOURAOUI Faycal; BUREK PETER ANDREAS; BISSELINK BERNARD; VANDECASTEELE INE; MUBAREKA Sarah; SALAMON Peter; PASTORI Marco; ZAMBRANO HECTOR; THIEMIG VERA, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2015JRC93811Development and evaluation of a framework for global flood hazard mappingDOTTORI FRANCESCO; SALAMON Peter; BIANCHI ALESSANDRA; ALFIERI LORENZO; HIRPA FEYERA AGA; FEYEN LucArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC97974Development of an operational low-flow index for hydrological drought monitoring over EuropeCAMMALLERI CARMELO; VOGT Juergen; SALAMON PeterArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC101231Developments in large-scale coastal flood hazard mappingVOUSDOUKAS MICHAIL; VOUKOUVALAS EVANGELOS; MENTASCHI LORENZO; DOTTORI FRANCESCO; GIARDINO Alessio; BOUZIOTAS DIMITRIOS; BIANCHI ALESSANDRA; SALAMON Peter; FEYEN LucArticles in periodicals and books
2010JRC56224Disentangling Uncertainties in Distributed Hydrological Modeling Using Multiplicative Error Models and Sequential Data AssimilationSALAMON Peter; FEYEN LucArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC102859The domino effect: the future of quantifying compounding events in deltasWINSEMIUS Hessel C.; WARD Philip; SALAMON Peter; SPERNA WEILAND Frederiek; BUDIMIR Mirianna; DUNCAN Melanie; VAN DEN HURK B.j.j.m.; SEBASTIAN AntoniaArticles in periodicals and books
2015JRC90097A dynamic runoff co-efficient to improve flash flood early warning in Europe: evaluation on the 2013 Central European floods in GermanyRAYNAUD Damien; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; SALAMON Peter; BUREK PETER ANDREAS; ANQUETIN Sandrine; ALFIERI LORENZOArticles in periodicals and books
2013JRC86388EFAS-Meteo: A European daily high-resolution gridded meteorological data set for 1990 - 2011NTEGEKA VICTOR NYAKATURA; SALAMON Peter; GOMES GONCALO; SINT Hadewij; LORINI VALERIO; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; ZAMBRANO HECTOREUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2016JRC94007The effect of reference climatology on global flood forecastingHIRPA FEYERA AGA; SALAMON Peter; ALFIERI LORENZO; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; ZSOTER Ervin; PAPPENBERGER FlorianArticles in periodicals and books
2009JRC52282EPS/EFAS Probabilistic Flood Prediction Over Northern Italy: The Case of 30 April 2009BUIZZA Roberto; PAPPENBERGER Florian; SALAMON Peter; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; DE ROO ArieArticles in periodicals and books
2014JRC90954Evaluation of the satellite-based Global Flood Detection System for measuring river discharge: Influence of local factorsREVILLA ROMERO BEATRIZ; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; SALAMON Peter; DE GROEVE Tom; BRAKENRIDGE G. RobertArticles in periodicals and books
2015JRC95315Filling the gaps : calibrating a rainfall-runoff model using satellite-derived surface water extentREVILLA ROMERO BEATRIZ; BECK HYLKE; BUREK PETER ANDREAS; SALAMON Peter; DE ROO Arie; THIELEN DEL POZO JuttaArticles in periodicals and books
2012JRC68817Fluvial Flood Risk in Europe in Present and Future ClimatesFEYEN Luc; DANKERS Rutger; BODIS Katalin; SALAMON Peter; BARREDO CANO Jose'Articles in periodicals and books
2013JRC84636Forecaster priorities for improving probabilistic flood forecastsWETTERHALL Fredrik; PAPPENBERGER Florian; ALFIERI Lorenzo; CLOKE Hannah L.; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; BALABANOVA S.; DANHELKA J.; VOGELBACHER A.; SALAMON Peter; CARRASCO I., et alArticles in periodicals and books