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2017JRC103259Assessment of discrepancies between bottom-up and regional emission inventories in Norwegian urban areasLOPEZ-APARICIO SUSANA; GUEVARA MARC; THUNIS PHILIPPE; CUVELIER CORNELIS; TARRASON LEONORArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC96442A benchmarking tool to screen and compare bottom-up and top-down atmospheric emission inventoriesGUEVARA MARC; LOPEZ-APARICIO SUSANA; CUVELIER CORNELIS; TARRASON LEONOR; CLAPPIER ALAIN; THUNIS PHILIPPEArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC33337CityDelta: A Model Intercomparison Study to Explore the Impact of Emission Reductions in European Cities in 2010CUVELIER CORNELIS; THUNIS PHILIPPE; VAUTARD R.; AMANN M.; BESSAGNET B.; BEDOGNI M.; BERKOWICZ R.; BRANDT J.; BROCHETON F.; BUILTJES P., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC34296Evaluation and Intercomparison of Ozone and PM10 Simulations by Several Chemistry Transport Models over 4 European Cities within the CityDelta ProjectVAUTARD R.; BUILTJES P.; THUNIS PHILIPPE; CUVELIER CORNELIS; BEDOGNI M.; BESSAGNET B.; HONORÉ C.; MOUSSIOPOULOS NICOLAS; PIROVANO G.; SCHAAP M., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC34323Evaluation of Long-Term Ozone Simulations from Seven Regional Air Quality Models and Their EnsembleVAN LOON M.; VAUTARD R.; SCHAAP M.; BERGSTRÖM R.; BESSAGNET B.; BRANDT J.; BUILTJES P.; CHRISTENSEN Jesper; CUVELIER CORNELIS; GRAFF A., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2019JRC114599FAIRMODE recommendations regarding modelling applications in the frame of the ambient air quality directivesTHUNIS PHILIPPE; JANSSEN STIJN; WESSELING JOOST; BELIS CLAUDIO; PIROVANO GUIDO; TARRASON LEONOR; GUEVARA MARC; MONTEIRO A.; CLAPPIER ALAIN; PISONI ENRICO, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2006JRC34300Is Regional Air Quality Model Diversity Representative of Uncertainty for Ozone Simulation?VAUTARD R.; VAN LOON M.; SCHAAP M.; BERGSTRØM R.; BESSAGNET B.; BRANDT J.; BUILTJES P.; KRISTENSEN J.; CUVELIER CORNELIS; GRAFF A., et alArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC96440A novel approach to screen and compare emission inventoriesTHUNIS PHILIPPE; DEGRAEUWE BART; CUVELIER CORNELIS; GUEVARA MARC; TARRASON LEONOR; CLAPPIER ALAINArticles in periodicals and books
2019JRC115276Source apportionment to support air quality planning: Strengths and weaknesses of existing approachesTHUNIS PHILIPPE; CLAPPIER ALAIN; TARRASON LEONOR; CUVELIER CORNELIS; MONTEIRO A.; PISONI ENRICO; WESSELING JOOST; BELIS CLAUDIO; PIROVANO G.; JANSSEN STIJN, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2019JRC115685Supporting the improvement of air quality management practices: the “FAIRMODE pilot” activityPISONI ENRICO; GUERREIRO CRISTINA; LOPEZ-APARICIO SUSANA; GUEVARA MARC; TARRASON LEONOR; JANSSEN STIJN; THUNIS PHILIPPE; PFAEFFLIN FLORIAN; PIERSANTI ANTONIO; BRIGANTI G., et alArticles in periodicals and books