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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2005JRC30322Animal Fat Discrimination: Investigation of the Potential of FT-IR, GC, Immuno-assay and PCR TechniquesVON HOLST CHRISTOPH; BELLORINI STEFANO; STRATMAN Stefan; TIRENDI SALVATORE; BAETEN Vincent; BERBEN Gilbert; FUMIÈRE OlivierArticles in periodicals and books
2019JRC116314Application of the CEN/ISO Standard for Phytase Activity Measurements to a New Phytase Product: Determination of a Robust Conversion Factor by an Interlaboratory Study for Screening Feed SamplesGONZALEZ DE LA HUEBRA MARIA JOSE; ROBOUCH PIOTR; EMTEBORG HAKAN; BELLORINI STEFANO; CIZEK-STROH ANETA; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in periodicals and books
2005JRC30364Challenges and Needs for Food MeasurementsANKLAM ELKE; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in periodicals and books
2008JRC46187Community Reference Laboratory For Feed Additives Annual Report Authorisation Activities 2007VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; ROBOUCH PIOTR; SIMONE GIUSEPPE; LEUSCHNER RENATA; YASAR Sulhattin; GARALEVICIENE Dalia; STAES SEPPE; DE SMET MACHTELDEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007JRC37409Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives Authorisation: Annual Report 2006VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; SIMONE GIUSEPPE; GARALEVICIENE DALIA; LEUSCHNER RENATA; YASAR Sulhattin; STAES SEPPE; DE SMET MACHTELDEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2006JRC33239Comparison and Complementarity of the MethodsVON HOLST CHRISTOPH; BAETEN Vincent; VERMEULEN Ph.; VAN RAAMSDONK L.w.d.; MURRAY I.; ZEGERS J.; BOSCH J.; BERBEN Gilbert; BRAMBILLA G.; BOIX SANFELIU ANA, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2006JRC33237Construction of the Stratfeed Sample Bank and Preparation of Sample Tests (WP2)VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; GARRIDO-VARO A.; PEREZ-MARIN D.; GUERRERO J.e.; GOMEZ-CABRERA A.; MURRAY I.; VAN RAAMSDONK L.w.d.; ZEGERS J.Articles in periodicals and books
2005JRC30273Detection of Banned Meat and Bone Meal in Feedstuffs by Near-infrared Microscopy Analysis of the Dense Sediment FractionBAETEN Vincent; VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; GARRIDO Ana; VANCUTSEM Jeroen; MICHOTTE RENIER AntoineArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC38262Detection of Ruminant Meat and Bone Meals in Animal Feed by Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): Results of an Interlaboratory StudyPRADO RODRIGUEZ MARTA; BERBEN GILBERT; FUMIERE O.; VAN DUIJN Gert; MENSINGA-KRUIZE Jonne; REANEY Scott; BOIX SANFELIU ANA; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in periodicals and books
2005JRC30372Determination of Dioxins (PCDDs/PCDFs) and PCBs in Food and Feed Using the DR CALUX Bioassay: Results of an International Validation StudyGIZZI Gisele; HOOGENBOOM Ron; VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; ROSE MartinArticles in periodicals and books
2008JRC41362Determination of Ionophore Coccidiostats in Feedingstuffs by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Part I. Application to Targeted FeedVINCENT URSULA; CHEDIN MOSTAFA; YASAR Sulhattin; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in periodicals and books
2008JRC40763Determination of Phytase Activity in Feed: Interlaboratory StudyTHYREGOD Peter; VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; BERTIN Gerard; VOGEL Kurt; FAURSCHOU-ISAKSEN Mai; BETZ Roland; MURPHY Richard; ANDERSEN Betina Brandt; GIZZI G.Articles in periodicals and books
2006JRC31147Determination of Processed Animal Proteins in Feed: The Performance Characteristics of Classical Microscopy and ImmunoassaysVON HOLST CHRISTOPH; BOIX SANFELIU ANA; BAETEN Vincent; VANCUTSEM Jeroen; BERBEN GilbertArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC106008Development and validation of a multi-analyte method for the regulatory control of carotenoids used as feed additives in fish and poultry feedVINCENT URSULA; SERANO FEDERICA; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in periodicals and books
2006JRC33449Effective PCR Detection of Animal Species in highly processed Animal By-Products and Compund FeedsBAETEN Vincent; BERBEN Gilbert; FUMIERE O.; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in periodicals and books
2018JRC111093EURL-FA Control Proficiency test report: Determination of authorised coccidiostats in compound feedVINCENT URSULA; CHEDIN MOSTAFA; SEGHERS JOHN; EMTEBORG HAKAN; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2018JRC110506EURL-FA Control Proficiency Test Report: Determination of the mass fraction of the total cobalt in compound feed for rabbitsROBOUCH PIOTR; CHEDIN MOSTAFA; EMTEBORG HAKAN; VAN BRITSOM GEERT; VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; VINCENT URSULAEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2019JRC115215Evaluation of Mycotoxin Screening Tests in a Verification Study Involving First Time UsersLATTANZIO VERONICA; VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; LIPPOLIS V.; DE GIROLAMO A.; LOGRIECO ANTONIO; MOL HANS; PASCALE MICHELANGELOArticles in periodicals and books
2019JRC109635Fourier transform near-infrared and mid-infrared spectroscopy as efficient tools for rapid screening of deoxynivalenol contamination in wheat branDE GIROLAMO A.; CERVELLIERI SALVATORE; CORTESE MARINA; PORRICELLI ANNA CHIARA RAFFAELLA; PASCALE MICHELANGELO; LONGOBARDI FRANCESCO; VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; CIACCHERI LEONARDO; LIPPOLIS V.Articles in periodicals and books