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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC52611987Aspects Appliques et Internationaux de l'Ecologie Litterale MediterraneenneRAVERA Oscar
JRC46701987Biomphalaria Glabrata (SAY), a Suitable Organism for a BiotestMÜNZINGER A.
JRC50651987A Century of Variations in some Zooplankton and Zoobenthos Organisms in Lake Comabbio (Northern Italy) Read from Their Remains in the Lake SedimentRAVERA Oscar; ZARINI S.
JRC54551987Ueber die Bedeutung der Versdetzungssenkenstaerke fuer die Evolution von Mikrostrukturen unter BestrahlungSTEINBACH E.
JRC41951987On Ordering Kinetics in Electron Irradiated Alloys: a ReplySCHUELE Wolfgang
JRC48611987Deep Ocean/Seabed Satellite Relay for Long Term Quasi Real-Time Data TransmissionsWEYDERT Marco
JRC48401987Materials for Fusion ReactorsMATERA Roberto
JRC48371987Image Processing for Absolute Strain Measurement by Laser InterferometryLUCIA Alfredo; FRANCHI Marco; MAROZZI C.a.; FONTANA R.
JRC48381987PREP and SPOP Utilities. Two Fortran Programs for Sample Preparation, Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis in Monte Carlo Simulation. Programs Description and User's GuideSALTELLI Andrea
JRC55391987Digital Image Compression by Huffman CodeTERMANINI Anselmo; COMBET Michel; MORANDI Clelia