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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC52521989First Passage Solutions in Fatigue Crack PropagationSOLOMOS George
JRC63971989ECDIN, the European Data Bank on Environmental ChemicalsPENNING Willem; BONI Mirto
JRC67341989A Study of Two-Dimensional Effects in the Core of a PWR during the Reflooding Phase of a LOCA. Analysis of Data of PERICLES Experiments with the COBRA-NC CodeREINHARDT H.j.
JRC67431989PISC II: Parametric Studies. The Purpose of the PISC II Parametric Studies ProgrammeCRUTZEN Serge
JRC64401989A Piston Corer for Recovery of Deep Ocean Sediments under PressureSTANNERS David; JAMET Michel
JRC68831989Analysis of Experiments of the University of Hannover with the CATHARE Code on Fluid Dynamic Effects in the Fuel Element Top Nozzle Area during Refilling and RefloodingBESTION D.
JRC69601989Major Hazard Information Policy in the European Community. Implications for Risk AnalysisAMENDOLA Aniello; OTWAY Harry
JRC68891989Metallobiochemistry of Current Environmental Levels of Trace Metals. A New Method of Cyclotron Production of 48-V for Toxicological StudiesSABBIONI Enrico; BONARDI Mauro; CASTIGLIONI Marco; WECKERMANN Bernd; GALLORINI M.; DA-KANG Li
JRC61991989Intracellular Distribution and Chemical Forms of Arsenic in Rabbits Exposed to ArsenateMARAFANTE Erminio; VAHTER Marie
JRC69671989Performance Evaluation of Non Destructive Assay Techniques and Characterization of Standards for NDA in SafeguardsCUYPERS Marc; GUZZI Giampaolo; MOUSTY Francis; GUARDINI Sergio