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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC244122002Europe's Construction of a Patent System for Biotechnological Inventions. An Assessment of Industry Views.THUMM Nikolaus
JRC250662002Turbulent Mixing in the Northern North Sea: a Numerical Model Study.BOLDING KRISTENSEN Karsten; BURCHARD Hans; POHLMANN Thomas; STIPS Adolf
JRC249782002Parameterization of a Spectral Solar Irradiance Model for the Global Ocean Using Multiple Satellite Sensors.BOUVET A.; HOEPFFNER Nicolas pierre; DOWELL Mark
JRC249862002Description of the STEELQUAKE Benchmark.MOLINA Javier; PASCUAL R.; GOLINVAL J.c.
JRC246492002Automatic Registration of Laser Reflectance and Colour Intensity Images for 3D Reconstruction.SEQUEIRA Vitor; DIAS Paulo; GONCALVES J. g. m.; VAZ Francisco
JRC245852002Monitoring Wetland Ditch Water Levels Using Landsat TM and Ground-Based Measurements.AL-KHUDHAIRY Delilah; LEEMHUIS C.; HOFFMANN Volker; SHEPHERD Iain maxwe ll; CALAON R.; THOMPSON J.r.; GAVIN H.; GASCA-TUCKER D.; ZALIDIS G.; BILAS G.; PAPADIMOS Dimitri
JRC245022002Developing a Compass for Risk Assessment.KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC247492002An Evaluation of Above- and In-Water Methods for Determining Water-Leaving Radiances.HOOKER S.; LAZIN Gordana; ZIBORDI Giuseppe; MC LEAN Scott
JRC246962002Report on a GLOBEC-SPACC/IDYLE/ENVIFISH Workshop on Spatial Approaches to the Dynamics of Coastal Pelagic Resources and their Environment in Upwelling Areas.VAN DER LINGEN C.d.; ROY C.; FREON P.; BARANGE M.; CASTRO L.; GUTIERREZ M.; NYKJAER Leo; SHILLINGTON Frank
JRC246272002Znaczenie Metrologii w Pomiarach Chemicznych (On the Use of Metrology in Chemistry).BULSKA Ewa; TAYLOR Philip